What is The Room Xchange?

The Room Xchange is Australia's first verified house sharing platform creating a safe community of users who's profiles are matched based on personality, values and lifestyle. 

We are an Inclusive company.

Before you begin, please be mindful that we are an inclusive company. This means that our team and our users commit to the acceptance of people from all walks of life regardless of race, religion, national origin, ethnicity, disability, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation or age. 

How long will it take to complete my profile?

It will take you approximately 15 minutes to complete your profile. You can save and continue as you go, enabling you to come back to it at a later time. Read this great article that will help you create an engaging profile.

How much does it cost?

It's free to register, create your profile and search for users on the platform. When you're ready to start connecting with a household or housemate, you'll be presented with or pricing options. The cost depends on what type of listing you want and how fast you want to find a household or a housemate. 

How long are the terms of the arrangements?

You have the option to find a household or housemate who wants to house share for as long or as little as you do. It could be as short as a month or as long as a year or more. You can have a trial run for a month before committing to a longer term. It's up to you. 

Can I be on your platform if I'm from outside of Australia?

Right now, you can only house share with us if you're in Australia. If you're from outside Australia and want to find somewhere to live in Australia, you can do so as long as you can apply for your Digital iD. You can be from anywhere in the world and stay with households in Australia. To be a household in another country, you'll have to wait a little bit, but it's not too far away:)

Who gets to decide the terms of the rent offset?

Both parties can negotiate how the rent offset will work. The household can make their offer on the platform and the housemate can decide if it's right for them. Housemates can also add an offer on their profile. You can then connect with each other to discuss it further. 

How do you verify your users?

All of our registered users need to apply for a Digital iD by Australia Post. It's part of our vetting and verification process. Therefore, all users can feel confident knowing that they're connecting with someone who is also verified

How do I negotiate a rent offset arrangement?

We have a house share agreement guide hat households and housemates can sign once they agree on the terms of their arrangement. This is not a contract; it's a document to help you work out what you agree on so everything is clear up front. You can also use our rent offset calculator to help you work out how many hours of help, at what rate per hour and how much rent is to be paid. Read the article in our blog titled "House share agreement or tenancy lease" to help you work out the best living arrangement for you.

I need help with a tenancy agreement.

The Room Xchange cannot provide you with leasing or tenancy advice. However, you can contact the local tenancy board in your state to find out the information you need. We also have an article where you can download tenancy agreements in your local state along with a share house agreement guide.

If I feel uncomfortable about a user, what can I do?

It's our priority to ensure that all users feel safe and secure within our community. If you feel that someone is not behaving in a supportive or inclusive manner, then please let us know. All feedback is highly confidential and will be reviewed as soon as they're received.

I've found a technical issue on the website.

If you find any issues on the website please let us know asap.  It's also helpful to include a screenshot if possible, explain exactly what is happening , the URL and the browser you are using. This will help us solve the problem quickly. 

What part of my profile is public?

Your basic information is made available to the general public such as first name, location and house share requirements. Any personal information used to verify you such as surname, address, email, phone number DOB etc is kept private and only viewable by you in your dashboard. 

How can I connect with people?

Our safe and secure private internal messaging system allows you to connect and chat with a user without sharing any personal contact details. If you're happy with the chat and would like to meet up or do an inspection, you can share contact details then.

I want to offer a rent offset. What kind of jobs can I ask my housemate to do?

Start with creating a 'to-do list' of basic things around the house you'd like help with such as cooking, cleaning, gardening etc. It's up to you.

How do I know if I'd be an ideal household?

If you're looking for someone to share your home or apartment, then you're in the right place. It's really important that all people in your household are open to house sharing with other people.

How do I prepare my home for a housemate?

Think of it in the same way you do when you have a family member or friend stay in your home. Make your housemate feel welcome and prepare the room where they'll be staying. It's also helpful to have local information handy to make the transition to living in your region nice and easy. 

How do I negotiate the terms of my arrangement?

Make your expectations clear on your profile. You can use our rent offset calculator to help you work out how many hours of help you can receive and how much rent you can ask for. It's then a matter of talking to your housemate about it so they're clear of the expectations as well. We also have a house share agreement guide you can use that you can all sign to be clear about the terms of your arrangement.

What if I have two rooms that I'd like to offer?

If you have more than one room and would like a housemate for each, you'll need to create two accounts using a different email address for each one. If you would like to discuss your options, please book in a call with one of our customer care team so we can help you out. We will shortly be adding a new feature where you can have multiple listings. (Coming in 2022)

Can a housemate housesit?

We have a many households who use our platform for house-sitting. Make that clear in your profile or discuss it with them when you connect. 

How do I calculate the rent offset?

When you're creating your profile, use the rent offset calculator. Firstly, put in how much you think the room and/or inclusive offer is worth. Then think about the jobs you'd like done around the house, what that's worth on an hourly rate and how many hours of help you want. Add that information in your profile so the housemates on our platform can be clear about your offer. You can use our house share agreement guide to put it in writing so everyone is clear about expectations and the terms of your arrangement. 

How do I know if the person is right for our household?

We have created a household and housemate questionnaire to help you conduct an interview with a potential housemate. It's only guide, but it will help you get started. You can also add your own questions to suit your household.

How old do you have to be to be a housemate on your platform?

You have to be at least 18 years of age to use our platform. In terms of the oldest you can be, well, that's up to you. We have people of all ages looking for housemates.

How can I offset my rent?

When you're creating your profile, use the rent offset calculator to help you work out how much your budget is for rent or rent and utilities. Then add how many hours of jobs you're willing to offer to offset your rent. When you start making your final arrangements with your household, you can use our house share agreement guide to put it in writing so everyone is clear about expectations and the terms of your arrangement.

How do I know if I'm an ideal housemate?

If you're looking for somewhere to rent and you're happy to share a house with other people, then you're an ideal housemate.

I'd like to live with someone who understands my way of living.

One of the great things about our platform is our profiles. They give you a really clear idea of whether the household is a right fit for you. Conversely, make sure you add information in your profile that is important for households to know.

It's important that I find a LGBTQ friendly household.

We are an inclusive company that welcomes people from all walks of life. You can stipulate in your profile whether you require a LGBTIQ+  friendly home and our households are also asked if they're comfortable sharing their home with people from the LGBTIQ+ community. That way everyone is clear about the people they'll be sharing with.

What kind of jobs can I do to offset my rent?

You can offer any kind of help as long as it's non-licensed and non-professional. Domestic help is the most commonly requested. Things such as cooking, cleaning, home organising, drop offs etc. Sometimes households might request help with their business admin or grocery shopping. It's up to you.

Can I find a household for me and my partner?

This is completely up to the household. You would need to highlight in your profile that there are two of you and discuss this when you connect with your households

Do I need to provide my own furniture?

This is the same for any household you might rent with. If you have furniture you can list it in your profile. If you require furniture for your bedroom and any additional items, you can list that as well.