Private internal messaging system

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  • Congratulations on creating your profile and making the first step towards house sharing!

    Now that you’re ready to start connecting with other users,  it’s a good idea to know how you want to communicate effectively and put some safeguards in place to ensure the communication is mutually beneficial and leads you to a good outcome.

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    We have some tips to help you ask the right questions.

    1) The best first step is to have a conversation with a potential household or housemate in our private internal messaging system which can be found in profile area. This has been set up to keep your personal details private should you decide not to continue the conversation. This could happen for many reasons. The main one being incompatibility. It’s also a comfort knowing if someone starts to chat in an inappropriate way, you can stop the conversation and your contact details are still private. However, if this does occur, contact immediately.

    2) If the chat goes well and you want to engage further, then message them your phone number and continue the conversation via phone.

    3) When you do talk on the phone, think about asking questions that will provide you with information that is important to you. Talk clearly about expectations and what kind of house share agreement you're looking for.

    4) You want to make sure that you are compatible in terms of values, personality and how you like to live. If you have specific dietary requirements or strong values around politics or religion, then you want to make that known in this conversation.

    5) Don’t be afraid of stating who you are and what your values are. It’s best to do it now instead of waiting until you’re living together.

    6) Situational questions are good to ask as it will tell you a lot about the person in regard to how they are in certain circumstances. To help you, we have created a household and housemate questionnaire you can use as a interview guide.

    7) Before meeting, have a video chat on Skype or What’s App. This is a good next step and a great way to see if you get along. Laughter is usually a good indicator of that. You want to speak, meet and know that you’ll get along together so you’ll enjoy house sharing together.

    We’re always here to support whether it’s via an  email, phone call, or our Facebook page.

    Happy connecting!

    The Room Xchange Team