Xchange Revolution Podcast

    Xchange Revolution Podcast will be launched in February 2020. The show will feature conversations with revolutionary change makers. Presented by Ludwina Dautovic, Founder and CEO of The Room Xchange.


    Anyone with a spare bedroom can help bushfire victims

    Do you have a spare bedroom and a desire to help victims of the devastating Australian bushfires? There are many ways we can help. One is to share your spare bedroom. Find out how.


    Emergency Accommodation for Bushfire Victims in Australia

    Accommodation platform The Room Xchange is encouraging hosts to open up their homes to bushfire victims. If you have a spare bedroom and can offer it temporarily to a guest, let us know.


    Baby Boomers Becoming Empty Nesters

    Within twenty years it is expected that couples living without children will make up almost 40% of households in Australia, which can largely be attributed to baby boomers becoming ‘empty nesters’.


    The Future of the Australian Housing Market

    But this isn’t just a problem for millennials – it is directly going to affect baby boomers in the coming years. When baby boomers were the same age as millennials, it was a very different story.


    Short-term Xchanging for guests

    Now you'll have the opportunity to share your superpowers in a short-term Xchange. If you're on holidays or travelling for business, short-term is an ideal way to find accommodation.