Aged Care in Australia with Danielle Robertson CEO DR Care Solutions

    "The aged care industry needs to be fair and equitable for all involved." Aged care in Australia needs to change and we need more options in the future for people choosing to age at home.


    Looking after International Students is Vital for our Economy

    Millions of parents across the globe invest in their children’s future. Imagine that future involves your child moving to a foreign country leaving their family, friends, home, culture, community & la…


    Online Information Session

    The Room Xchange is hosting an informal, online information session, so you can learn how to get back more time by using a resource that already exists - your spare bedroom.


    Leading the Next Generation

    "The growth is in the friction; in the uncomfortable moments in life." Listen to Major Leaguer Trent Oltjen talk about how he works through challenges and builds resilience in times of adversity. Much…


    Ageing at Home for Older Australians

    Ageing at home for older Australians comes with huge benefits. The person can remain in a familiar environment and be close to their friends and community.


    The Future of Housing in Australia

    The future of housing in Australia is a hot topic & our guest, Ian Nazareth, gives us some perspective. Ian is an Architect, researcher and Program Director of Master of Urban Design at RMIT.