Getting Support When You're Sick or Injured

    Ten years ago when I was dealing with Cancer, I wish The Room Xchange was around as it could have provided my husband with much needed in-home support while I was going through this trauma.


    Sharing Economy Accommodation Market

    Ludwina shares about how to take the sharing economy accommodation market to a new level on the Business in Heels Podcast. She also discussed how she overcomes gender bias.


    Elliot Costello - Democrats, Social Justice, Ygap & Polished Man

    In this episode Ludwina Dautovic talks to Elliot Costello, a passionate advocate for global issues. They talk about his stint in the US with the Democrats, social justice, Ygap and Polished Man.


    Women in Business Xchanging to Reduce Accommodation Costs

    I’ve had the opportunity to be a guest on our platform 3 times. On all occasions I had the experience of staying with a woman in business. It's so much nicer than staying in a lonely, expensive hotel.


    Introduction to Xchange Revolution Podcast

    Xchange Revolution Podcast will feature conversations with luminaries who are changing how we live, work and play. Presented by Ludwina Dautovic, Founder and CEO of The Room Xchange.


    Anyone with a spare bedroom can help bushfire victims

    Do you have a spare bedroom and a desire to help victims of the devastating Australian bushfires? There are many ways we can help. One is to share your spare bedroom. Find out how.