Are you a Micro-Hotelier or an Airbnb Host?

    Being micro-hotelier or Airbnb Host, requires a number of things you need to do to maintain good ratings and reviews and to make your guest feel like they're staying in a hotel.


    Midlife Changes

    There are many reasons people experience a change in life. You might be going through a divorce, a change in relationship status, you were let go at work, or you want to start your own business.


    Independent Living in Australia

    Moving out of home is an exciting time. To live independently, be able to make your own decisions and discover who you are outside of your parents is a milestone for a young adult.


    Australian Small Business Champion Award Winner 2018

    Melbourne-based startup, The Room Xchange, has been nominated as a finalist in this year’s Australian Small Business Champion Awards, in the New Business category.

  • NEWS

    Time to ask the right questions on housing

    Ernst & Young’s (EY) first edition of the Sydney Housing Conversations report recommends that we start talking about housing accessibility, rather than affordability alone.


    The Room Xchange wins Anthill Cool Company “Editor’s Choice” Award

    The Room Xchange aims to establish a unique, alternative way of living that will make a significant impact on people’s quality of life, the environment and the economy.