Short-term Xchanging for hosts

    The Room Xchange is excited to announce a new tech update! We are now offering short-term Xchanges! This will now give hosts the opportunity to experience an Xchange for as little as a week.


    What’s your Superpower?

    Everyone has a superpower. Whether you’re a wiz in the kitchen, an organiser or bi-lingual. It usually stems from a natural interest or passion. We often take it for granted or don’t see the value.


    LGBTIQ Elders Can Lead the Way

    I remember the day I stood at parliament house in Melbourne, with my young adult daughter and watched the vote come in for gay marriage.It was a historical day for the LGBTIQ community.


    Help Your Host Declutter Using the KonMari Method

    Many households today are full or overflowing with things we have accumulated over the years. This physical clutter often leads to mental confusion and overwhelm.


    Get Your To-Do List Done!

    Is your ‘to-do list’ growing bigger and bigger every day? If you’re like most of us, the list of jobs becomes endless while your time decreases.


    Sustainable Fashion and Wardrobe Styling

    Sustainable fashion refers to apparel produced, consumed and disposed of in ways that ensure minimal damage to the environment. It’s also based on the rights and fair wages of garment workers.