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    Mandatory verification for all users creates a trusted house-sharing community
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    All users with a completed profile can connect and message freely with each other
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    Choose a rental option or our unique rent offset option - you choose

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Your safety is our priority: Secure house-sharing with mandatory Digital iD verification.

Our Digital iD verification is essential for a safe house-sharing experience. Both households and housemates must complete this verification to connect with others on our platform. Once verified, a Digital ID badge is prominently displayed on your profile, ensuring trust and safety within our community.

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Connect easily with other users

Connect with users matched on personality, values and lifestyle.

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Rent or rent offset - you choose.

Rent or rent offset.
You choose.

What industry leaders are saying

The Room Xchange deals with the age-old problem of finding the right housemates, but with the application of modern personality and lifestyle matching as well as the option to receive rent for a room or offset the rent with household help. Its appeal is universal.

Ray Ellis

CEO - First National Real Estate

Home ownership is increasingly unaffordable. We need more options for people to live in decent quality accommodation co-operatively as co-renters and housemates. This is important for the economic security of all Australians. Platforms like The Room Xchange enable this using smart technology.

Jennifer Harrison

Vice President - Proptech Association Australia

I love seeing innovative solutions to complex challenges around the globe. The unique approach that The Room Xchange is taking to help households rent their spare rooms in Australia is a great example.

Erik Qualman


I've been in real estate for 15 plus years and I love that The Room Xchange adds value, solves a problem and helps renters save money. The system is new, innovative and something every landlord should consider. It adds value to their home and attracts high quality tenants who will treat their investment as their own.

Chris Bellesini

Director - Undercover Agent

The rental market has evolved so much over the years that it’s almost unrecognisable. The Room Xchange is making it easier to access millions of spare bedrooms in homes across Australia. It's such a great concept and I can't wait for it to come to Europe! We certainly need it here.

Kizzi Nkwocha

Editor - The Property Magazine

Renting is hard enough let alone renting with pets. The Room Xchange is offering a great resource to help people rent better by understanding rental laws, tenants rights and how to negotiate aspects like renting with your pets.

Lara Shannon

Host of Channel 10's 'Pooches at Play'

It's great to see a house sharing and rental platform that considers the mental health of their users as an important factor in their overall wellbeing. Working from home and sharing space with housemates can be a challenge. It was great to come on the podcast show and talk about how we can house share and work in the same space.

Dr Frank Chow

Psychiatrist - 2OP Health

The house-sharing and rental demographic is shifting across Australia. There's a new kind of renter and they're looking for more than just a temporary place to stay.

They're looking for a home with people they're compatible with.

Dr Diaswati Mardiasmo

Chief Economist - PRD Real Estate

I was recently a guest on The Room Xchange Podcast where I first announced the launch of Grounded, a NFP advocacy for the development of Community Land Trusts in Australia. What Ludwina Dautovic is doing to support homeowners renting out their spare rooms, via The Room Xchange, is important work. As someone who has studied the impact of vacant land and housing over the last 15 years, it's an approach that will help ease the rental crisis in Australia, particularly in regional areas.

Karl Fitzgerald

Director -

The Room Xchange is filling an important housing accommodation gap and has the strong potential to quickly solve Australia’s growing rental crisis if it is given the level of support required from all levels of government and the private sector to increase engagement.
As Australia’s most popular property shows, NovaFM’s Property Hub flagships of Realty Talk and Get Invested are happy to provide ongoing support to The Room Xchange to increase awareness of this much needed housing solution.

Bushy Martin

Realty Talk Podcast

The Room Xchange is helping solve problems for two sides of the property market. Renters need the tools and support to find the right place to live. Homeowners are feeling the squeeze of interest rate hikes and offering up a room for rent is an attractive financial solution - when done right. It's championing the housing market in such a profound way and to be honest - there's nothing out there like it!

David Webb

Head of Industry,

Housing - when fair, safe and affordable - is a hallmark of what it means to live, work, study and play in Australia. If housing is made unaffordable to young people we will see a decline in civic engagement, a decline in academic performance and in mental health. The Room Xchange gives you a chance to be a role model in your community and help the next generation set themselves up for success.

Josh Farr

Founder, Campus Consultancy

It is good to see programs like The Room Xchange Podcast asking important questions and discussing innovation opportunities in today’s challenging rental markets. Great people, great technology and great customer experiences are all needed to empower solutions.

John Minns

Property Services Commissioner NSW Department of Customer Service

If you want a practical solution for housing within your community, The Room Xchange provides a complete package and support for your customers that doesn't require any technical skill or application on your behalf.

Jennine Tax

Acting CEO - Study Gold Coast

Solving the housing crisis in Australia requires innovative solutions. The Room Xchange is a great resource for accessing empty space - spare bedrooms. We believe that developing the airspace on rooftops is another way to utilise wasted space. Thank you for your thought-provoking podcast interview to talk about the Association of Rooftop and Airspace Development.

Warren Livesey

Founder -

Abraham Lincoln and Peter Drucker are heralded as saying “The best way to predict the future is to create it” and with The Room Xchange, we feel we’re creating a pretty special partnership!

Rowan Wilde

Co-Founder HelpPay

I must commend The Room Xchange for addressing all aspects of house-sharing with The Complete Homeowners Guide to House-sharing including procedures and agreements. It's crucial not to 'wing' such an arrangement, as it can lead to complications. By following the proper steps from the beginning, you'll not only gain peace of mind but also ensure that everyone involved is aligned and informed.

Sharon Givoni

Principal Lawyer

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