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Rent or rent offset

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  • The option to rent or rent offset¬†is unique to The Room Xchange. The traditional way of renting has always been about renting a room for cash. That's one way to do it. But there is another way. We call it rent offset. Rent offset gives the household the option to offset part or all of the rent by requesting help around the house. This help is above what would normally be expected as a housemate. The help could be home organising, cooking more often then would be expected or creating and maintaining a vegetable garden. Any kind of domestic job is fine.

    The housemate can also list on their profile if they're happy to offset their rent by showing the type of help they'd be happy to do. This provides flexibility in the housing arrangement which can provide better value for all parties.

    Rent offset calculator

    We created an interactive tool called the rent offset calculator which can help you work out the best arrangement for you. You start by adding in the rent value, the number of hours of jobs you'd like done an an hourly rate for those jobs. The calculator will then show you how many hours of help you'll receive over a three month period and how much rent you'll collect. Conversely, if you're a housemate, you can work out how much money you'll save.

    Have a look at whether a rent offset can work for you. If so, select it in your profile and see what opportunities come your way!