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    The rent offset calculator is a great tool to help you work out the best plan for how you want to live. If you’re a household, you can work out how many hours of additional household jobs you’d like to have done and how much of your rent you can offset for that help. The same goes for housemates. If you are happy to offer some time to offset your rent, then you can use the calculator to help work out the best arrangement for you.

    Have a listen to how the rent offset works

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    We believe you should be able to utilise your space and time in the most practical and beneficial way for you whether it's rent or rent offset. Here’s how.

    Household rent offset

    If you are a household and you’d like the idea of having additional jobs done around your home, the first thing to do is add the number of hours of help you’d like, the hourly rate at which you would expect to pay for that help, and the calculator will tell you how much you’ll receive in rent and how many hours of help you'll get. You can offset just the rent amount or rent and utilities; it’s up to you.

    Housemate rent offset

    If you’d like to save some money and are happy to do some additional jobs around the house on top of what is normally expected as a housemate, then you can work out an arrangement that suits you and the homeowner. To begin with, add the number of hours you'd be happy to help, add the value per hour you would expect to be paid for those jobs and the calculator will show you how much you’d expect to pay and how many hours of jobs you’d need to do.

    What’s next?

    Once you’ve worked out the best plan for you, add this information in the ‘Additional information’ section on your profile. Select the ‘Rent Offset’ button so people searching for you know that you’re happy to offset some or all of your rent.

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    Have a play around with the calculator and see what works best for you.

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