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Trust and verification are our main priority.

To keep our community safe and secure, every registered user must have a Digital iD by Australia Post using a government photo iD. Once completed, a Digital iD badge is added to your profile.

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Offset your rent

You can now pay rent or offset your rent giving you flexibility in how you want to live.
To calculate a rent offset simply enter the amount of rent per week you can pay or rent plus utilities.
Add how many hours of jobs you're happy to do, at a suitable hourly rate and the calculator will show you
how much rent you'll pay and how many hours of jobs you'll be doing over a 3 month period.

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Does this sound like you?

Young independent people
Young independent people

You're at uni, leaving home or a young professional. You want to house share with people who have shared interests and similar lifestyles.

You're looking for the right dynamic
You're looking for the right dynamic

You're looking for a stable and quiet household with people just like you. Finding the right person you connect with is a high priority.

Are you new to house sharing?
Are you new to house sharing?

You're house sharing for the first time. You're a bit nervous so having the right processes in place is important to you.

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What people say

House sharing with The Room Xchange enabled me to finish my PhD in Astrophysics. It provided me with a stable home environment with people who were similar to me. The best thing about it is that we became really good friends.

Andrew Butler


If you're on a working holiday, it's the best way to travel. You get to experience the country and feel at home at the same time. I made lifelong friends and a second family. House sharing with The Room Xchange has been a great experience.

Guillaume Dubois


Being a housemate is a wonderful way to share your life and passions with other people. I loved my house sharing and enjoyed cooking and sharing our lives together. The Room Xchange is offering a way to live better and smarter.

Nicola Collins

Working full-time

The Room Xchange is heralding a new era. It’s revolutionising the housing and accommodation sectors. I’m excited and proud to have been an early adopter of this platform.

Nina Gbor


I have always been a little apprehensive about using house sharing platforms as it's difficult to determine the legitimacy of profiles. As The Room Xchange insists on a verification and vetting process, I feel reassured and am willing to use it to find a house to share. It's good to see how they're leading the way in the house sharing industry!

Naviska Abeyawardene

International student

Being a student makes it really hard to find affordable and safe housing. More often than not, you don't know who you're living with and you don't feel like you can be a part of the home. I like how The Room Xchange helps match you with like minded people so you can feel like you're living with friends.

Nishit Chaudhary

University student

Being able to offset my rent has allowed me to financially get back on my feet after the lockdown closed my business. This beautiful surroundings with the garden and animals has been a lovely place to live while balancing my daily tasks and work. Supporting Angela with help at home was a beautiful experience and has formed a lifetime friendship with both Angela and her son Felix.

Sherylanne McLeod

Dance Teacher

When I contacted The Room Xchange they were very helpful. Their customer service is very good and they're kind people who care about their customers. I highly recommend them.