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Why we're Australia's first verified house sharing platform

We believe that everyone should feel safe and secure where they live. Whether it's your own home or whether you're someone about to move into your next home. House sharing is a relationship that is personal and involves transparency and honesty. Therefore, we insist that everyone who is a registered user on our platform must be verified. We use an online verification system called Digital iD by Australia Post. We chose this system as Australia Post has a 200 year reputation in Australia. When we decided on what type of house sharing platform we wanted to be, we realised that for the last five years of operation we have been insisting on verification of all users. That has set up apart from our competitors and hopefully will set an industry standard in verification in the house sharing industry.

Digital iD by Australia Post

The first step is applying for a Digital iD by Australia Post. You'll need to provide a government photo iD to be approved and the information on your profile must match the iD exactly. It only takes about 30 seconds and once approved, you'll received a Digital iD badge on your profile.

How do I get verified?

You'll need to provide a government photo iD to be verified. Please be mindful, that  the information on your profile, including your date of birth must match your identification used. If for some reason you have added your DOB incorrectly, you can edit it in your account settings.
The process of verification should only take about 30 seconds and once approved, a Digital iD badge will magically appear on your profile!

What is the cost of getting verified?

It doesn't cost you anything. We cover the fee for verification for you. It's built in as a cost in our pricing plan.

Does The Room Xchange hold my verification information?

We don't hold any of the information that is entered for verification. This is all done within Australia Post. As soon as you click on the verification link in your dashboard, you'll see a window open up that shows you're within the Australia Post Digital iD app. You'll also see The Room Xchange logo so you know you're in the right place.

BONUS - You can user your Digital iD at other participating businesses

Did you know that once you have a Digital iD by Australia Post, you can download the app on your phone and use it at any other participating business that uses Digital iD. Bonus!

Watch the video to see how easy it is to be verified

If you need some help with the verification process, the video on the Digital iD article page will show you how. Just make sure you have a government iD handy before you begin.