Digital ID Verification by Australia Post

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  • We are proud to say that we're Australia's first and only verified house-sharing platform. From the very beginning, we have insisted that all users on our platform are verified via Digital iD by Australia Post. Their Digital iD technology has been integrated into our system enabling you to be verified in around 30 seconds.

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    Why verification?

    When building a community of house-sharers, we believe that the community should be built on trust. So we've utilised technology to enable trust to be built amoung our users. Everyone, including you, has had to provide a government photo iD and that information is then matched against the information in your profile. This proves that everyone is who they say they are. 

    No fake profiles on The Room Xchange

    One of the biggest problems house sharers tell us is that they're sick of having to sort through fake profiles. Because every user has to be verified, it ensures that all profiles are genuine. This will give you peace of mind knowing that you're connecting with real people with real profiles.

    Digital iD badge on your profile

    Once you have successfully applied for your Digital iD, there will be a badge applied to your profile. This will show everyone that your profile is verified.

    Use your Digital iD at participating businesses

    You can install your Digital iD on your mobile device and use it at any other participating business that utilises this technology for their verification.

    Who pays for the Digital iD

    The good news is, we pay for it. It's part of our safety model for our users.

    Got any questions?

    If you have any questions about Digital iD by Australia Post, you can check out their website. As a new client to our service, you are offered one free 15 minute call with one of our House-share Concierge who'd be happy to answer any further questions you might have.

    How to apply for your Digital iD

    It's really easy to apply for your Digital iD. Just make sure you have your preferred and accepted photo iD on hand. Once you click the verify button, you'll see a window open up that shows our logo and Australia Post. Just follow the prompts and in 30 seconds you'll have been verified. You can also watch the video below that steps you through the process.