Australia's first verified house sharing platform

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  • The Room Xchange is Australia’s first verified house sharing platform. We confidently make this claim because mandatory verification is required from all registered users. All users must have a 100% completed profile before they can connect with anyone. This includes answering the questions in our profiling system, providing photos and be verified via Digital id by Australia Post.

    This ensures that everyone is on the same page allowing us to build a safe and vibrant house sharing community.

    There are a number of things we have in place to help our users engage with an active and verified community.

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    Data Security

    We do not publish any private information about you. The only information that is made public or sharable is your preferred profile name, (this can be different to your account name), your location and/or the location you choose to live in along with the profile information provided. Any photos that you provide must be able to be seen publicly. Your private account settings information is kept private and only required for verification purposes.


    To get your verification, simply provide a driver’s licence or a passport number. Before you do, double check your details in your account settings. If you name and DOB does not exactly match your identification, then your Digital iD won’t verify. You are able to edit your account settings before you get your iD. Once you have your Digital iD, your account settings will be locked.

    Profiles reviewed

    Our team randomly reviews as many profiles as we can to ensure the validity of all users and to ensure the profiles are appropriate for our platform. If you happen to come across any profiles or users who don’t play nicely, please let us know immediately.


    You can search anyone on our platform whether you have an account or not. You’ll only get access to part of their information when you are verified and your profile is 100% completed. You can then reach out and connect with anyone you like. 


    When you are ready to connect with another user, you can do so via our inbuilt private internal messaging system. You can safely chat there until you are ready to take your conversation offline. We do recommend that you stay on the platform as long as you can, as should any issues arise, we can support you. 

    There are information icons within the profile area that includes additional tips for your ease of use. However, if you have any questions or are challenged by anything in particular, you can book a call with our customer care team and we’ll be happy to answer any questions or help you work through them.

    You can also join our private Facebook group where you can ask questions as well.