A Housemate is Better than a House Sitter for Your Holidays

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  • As the holiday season approaches, many of us start planning getaways, but there's always that nagging question: What about the house? While hiring a house sitter is a common solution, I've discovered a much better alternative: having a housemate. Here's why I believe choosing a housemate trumps finding a house sitter every time you pack your bags for a holiday.

    Constant Presence, Enhanced Security

    One of the biggest advantages of having a housemate is the constant presence in your home. Unlike a house sitter who might only be there for the duration of your vacation, a housemate lives there full-time. This continuous occupancy adds an extra layer of security, deterring potential burglaries or vandalism. It's comforting to know that there’s always someone looking after your home, whether you're gone for a weekend or a month.

    Shared Responsibilities, Less Burden

    Let's face it, leaving your house in someone else's hands can be stressful. However, when you live with a housemate, they're already familiar with the day-to-day responsibilities like watering the plants, feeding pets, or managing the mail. This familiarity reduces the burden of having to explain everything to a temporary house sitter, who may not remember all the intricacies of your home.

    Building Trust and Relationships

    Trust is a key factor in leaving your home in someone else's care. With a housemate, you have the opportunity to build a relationship and trust over time. This is a stark contrast to a house sitter, who is often a stranger or an acquaintance at best. A housemate understands the value and importance of your shared living space, leading to greater peace of mind while you're away.

    Cost-Effective Solution

    Financially, having a housemate makes more sense than hiring a house sitter. House sitters usually come with a fee, especially if you're looking for someone reliable and experienced. In contrast, a housemate contributes to rent and utilities, easing financial burdens. This mutual financial arrangement makes having a housemate a more cost-effective solution in the long run.

    Emergency Handling

    In case of an emergency, a housemate can be a lifesaver. They're already on-site and can handle unexpected situations like a leaky pipe or a power outage. With a house sitter, you might have to coordinate remotely, which can be challenging and less efficient.

    A Win-Win Situation

    Finally, having a housemate can be a win-win situation for both parties. While you get the assurance and security of having someone you trust taking care of your home, your housemate enjoys the benefits of a place to live. It's a mutually beneficial arrangement that fosters a sense of community and shared responsibility.

    Final thought

    While the idea of a house sitter may seem convenient for short-term solutions, the benefits of having a housemate are far-reaching. From enhanced security to a sense of community, the advantages are clear. So, before you book your next holiday, consider the peace of mind that comes with having a reliable housemate back home. It's a choice that offers more than just a solution for your holidays; it's a lifestyle choice that fosters security, trust, and financial prudence.