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Thinking about renting out your spare bedroom but unsure how to begin? House-sharing can be a rewarding experience when done correctly. Drawing from 7 years of our client's experiences, we've crafted a comprehensive guide to help you better manage the world of house-sharing. This guide equips you with the necessary skills and strategies to approach house-sharing confidently and effectively.

Here is what one of our homeowners said about the guide:

"This guide is excellent! 'The Complete Homeowners Guide to House-sharing' is a thorough resource filled with the right information to help you get started in your house-sharing journey."

Wayne Madden, House-sharing for 20+ years

Why share your spare?

Are you considering renting out your spare room to help with rising living costs, to seek companionship or just need an extra hand around the house? It's a big step, especially if you value your privacy and are used to the existing rhythm of your household. That's why we created this guide; to help homeowners like you step confidently into the world of house-sharing.

Our e-book simplifies the process, covering everything from selecting the right housemate to setting clear house rules and managing daily interactions. It's designed with your concerns in mind, ensuring that your transition to house-sharing is smooth, secure and successful. 

Get your copy today and discover how sharing your space can open up a world of opportunities.


Get your guide today!

Ready to transform your homeownership experience with house-sharing? Don't miss out on the ultimate guide to house sharing. Get your copy today and start reaping the rewards of house-sharing!

Here are the 10 topics we cover:

  1. About The Room Xchange
  2. Understanding house-sharing
  3. Preparing your home
  4. Creating an engaging profile
  5. Screening potential housemates
  6. House rules and expectations
  7. Managing shared expenses
  8. Day-to-day management
  9. Conflict resolution
  10. A way of life
What you'll achieve with this comprehensive guide
Find the right housemate
Find the right housemate

Our comprehensive guide will take you through every step of the house-sharing process. From creating a compelling profile to learning how to effectively search and connect with potential housemates. When you have a shortlist, our guide will provide you with an interview questionnaire and support you in making your final decision with confidence.

Set some boundaries
Set some boundaries

Creating a positive and welcoming atmosphere in your home is vital for successful house-sharing. Your housemate knows that you own the home, but we want them to feel at home. Being clear about expectations, chores and contributions can help foster a sense of community. This approach encourages your housemate to take pride in and care for your home.

Create a welcoming home
Create a welcoming home

Creating a positive and welcoming atmosphere in your home is vital for successful house-sharing. Your housemate knows that you own the home, but you want them to feel at home. Being clear about expectations, chores, rules and contributions can help to foster a sense of community. It also generates a feeling of care and value for your home.

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Housemate Interview Template

Interviewing a new housemate requires a carefully crafted set of questions that help you make the right decision the first time. Welcoming a new housemate is a significant decision that impacts your daily life and personal space. Our interview template will help you draft the right list of questions for your household. As your first bonus, we have included it for FREE - valued at $9.97.

👋🏽 Here's what Cate says about our Housemate Interview Template - "We are so grateful for the support and resources provided by The Room Xchange. They helped us navigate through the process and ensure that our house-sharing arrangement would work seamlessly."


🏆 Bonus 2 - Valued at $14.97

House-share Agreement Template

Our house-share agreement template will help you craft a personalised house-share agreement tailored to your unique household needs. Ideal for all household types, it encourages consideration of lifestyle, values and demographic factors, while providing a documented record of your agreement. This is your second bonus, included for FREE - Valued at $14.97!

🏆 Bonus 3 - Valued at $9.97

Housemate Welcome Pack Template

The Housemate Welcome Pack Template is designed to assist you in creating a comprehensive Housemate Welcome Pack. It should provide all the necessary information a new housemate needs to feel at home, understand how the house operates, navigate the region and know how to respond in emergencies.

The template is editable so you can type in your answers or you can print it off and handwrite your answers. It's up to you. This is your third bonus, included for FREE - Valued at $9.97


Read what existing homeowners are saying about our guide

"I must commend The Room Xchange for addressing all aspects of house-sharing with The Complete Homeowners Guide to House-sharing including procedures and agreements. It's crucial not to 'wing' such an arrangement, as it can lead to complications. By following the proper steps from the beginning, you'll not only gain peace of mind but also ensure that everyone involved is aligned and informed."

Sharon Givoni

Principal Lawyer

"This guide is excellent! It's a thorough resource filled with the right information to help you get started in your house-sharing journey. Based on my own experience of house-sharing for 20+ years I agree that the arrangement must be a 'Mutually Beneficial Living Experience' with a 50/50 approach to responsibility. You are not a landlord and tenant; you are a housemate and friend."

Wayne Madden

Household - Canada

"I've been sharing my space for decades and I just wish I had The Room Xchange's house-sharing guide sooner. 

Their e-book and templates are so clear and thorough, providing incredible detail and support. If you're starting a new share-house, 
make sure you read this first!"

Jay Garland

Household - Queensland