Can we do a one week trial?

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  • How does a trial work?

    A question we often get is whether it's possible to have a trial period with a potential housemate to see if everyone gets along. The answer is a definite yes, and we recommend it. However, if you're going to have a trial stay, it's important to ensure the guest still has access to their existing housing if things don't work out. Also, be clear that it's a trial period and communicate your expectations for what you hope to achieve clearly.

    Regardless, it's wise to follow some preliminary steps to make a more informed decision about your future house-sharing arrangement.

    Connect with people who have similar values and personalities

    As you might have noticed, the questions in our profile section focus largely on who you are, your personality and your values. These questions are asked of all users, whether they're offering a household or looking to become housemates. This approach gives you a solid basis for determining compatibility.

    Chat using our private messaging system

    After finding a few potential matches you're interested in, you can use our private messaging system to start conversations with them. When you feel comfortable, moving the conversation to a phone call is a great next step. Following that, we encourage arranging a face-to-face meeting. Meeting at a local café is a good, neutral option. If you're feeling more comfortable, you can also choose to meet at the home and share a meal together. This gives the potential housemate a chance to see the place and meet other residents, helping both sides gauge compatibility.

    Conduct an interview

    While it might seem a bit formal, it's essentially about asking a set of questions that help you both understand each other's living preferences better. To simplify things, we've crafted an Interview Questionnaire Template for households and housemates, removing the guesswork for you. Feel free to add any specific questions that you think are important to ensure a good fit.

    Agree to a one-week trial

    If you're fairly new to house sharing, a one-week trial could be reassuring for all parties. Make sure everyone is clear that it is a trial and if it doesn't work out then the housemate returns to their current home. This allows all parties to see if it’s a good fit and if you’d like to continue the house-share on a longer-term basis. It’s a great way to take the uncertainty out of the decision and allow each other to relax into the house-share without the pressure.

    A tip for households

    Give your housemate some time to settle in. They’re coming into your home and need to learn how you live. Have a welcoming dinner on the first night and introduce them to other members of your household. 

    A tip for housemates

    Don’t close the door to your existing home until you and your household decide that you’d like it to be an ongoing arrangement. That way you have a home to go back to and the confidence knowing you have a choice.

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