Rent your spare room to help save for a house

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  • You might be renting as a temporary measure while you're saving up for a house. However, deposits are so large these days that you could be saving for a while. Yet many people have a spare bedroom they could be utilising to help save up for that deposit.

    Renting it on a short-term accommodation platform is one option, but the amount of work that goes into becoming a micro-hotelier might not always be worth the effort for the financial return.

    However, regular rent for the room is a regular payment that could help support you over a period of time.

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    Finding the right housemate

    You may not have considered having a housemate before. Perhaps you've heard some negative stories of house shares that have gone wrong.

    We hear you, that's why The Room Xchange has sophisticated inbuilt systems to help you make the best decision about who you'll share your home with.


    All our of our registered users are verified via   Digital iD by Australia Post. In fact, we pride ourselves in being Australia's first verified house sharing platform.

    We believe that you should feel confident knowing that we have created a safe and verified community. Once you have applied for your iD (at our cost) a badge will be applied to your profile and it will contribute to your profiles completion rate.

    You can only connect with another user if your profile is 100% completed. This ensures that anyone connecting with you has also been verified.


    Our profiling system makes it super easy to find the right person based on values, personality and lifestyle. After all, we want you to feel like you're coming home to a friend.

    When reading the profiles you'll get a clear idea if that is a person who has similar interests, lives somewhat the same way that you do, keeps similar hours and whether they're tidy or not.

    Rent or rent offset

    You can decide how you want to best utilise your spare bedroom whether it's for  rent or rent offset. You can choose to have some additional jobs done around the house in lieu of part or all of the rent. If you're paying for someone else to do those tasks, you may as well find a housemate who might be willing to do them for you.

    We're not talking about the regular day to day chores that a housemate is expected to do. We're talking about things such as your laundry, cooking extra meals or doing your Christmas shopping. 

    This is another option to reduce your living costs.

    Make sure you're well set up

    When taking in a housemate, make sure you have the right systems in place to ensure everyone feels safe and secure in their living arrangement. Firstly, make sure that your landlord approves of you having a housemate.
    Secondly, make sure you collect the appropriate amount for bond and have some kind of an agreement in place such as a house share agreement or a tenancy lease.

    Ultimately, when you are looking to share your home, you want to make sure it's with the right person. That's why our motto is 'Find your people; feel at home' because that's what we want you to feel - at home.