Airbnb isn't the only way to monetise your spare room

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  • Becoming an Airbnb host is perfect for couples and individuals who want to profit from what they already have - a spare bedroom, and doing what they love – welcoming people of diverse cultures and personalities.

    However, as an Airbnb host, there's a lot of work to be done as you're now seen as what's called a Micro-hotelier. The standards required for such a role are high and the amount of time required to create and maintain a high standard accommodation space, is costly and exhausting.

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    Being an Airbnb host isn't the only way to monetise your spare room

    Have you ever considered getting a housemate? The Room Xchange can help you to find a verified housemate who matches the values and personality of your household. You can find someone to rent your spare room who feels like a friend. Someone you can trust and someone you'll look forward to coming home to.

    House sharing is no longer the soul domain of 20 year home leavers or university students. There are a variety of demographics who for multiple reasons, need to rent. They could be saving up for their own home or just prefer to live in a shared environment with people they enjoy living with.

    Benefits of house sharing with The Room Xchange

    Not only will you find a verified housemate, you could also find a friend. Having someone at home to keep you company and share your day with can be quite rewarding and also relieve loneliness. Having that additional person there to share your space and the bills can help relieve some financial pressure. You can also choose to rent offset if you prefer and have some additional help provided around the house in lieu of rent. It's up to you.

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