Moving out of home for the first time

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  • Moving out of home for the first time is an exciting step in a young person's life. The opportunity to live independently, being able to make your own decisions and to discover who you are outside of your parents is a massive milestone for a young adult.

    You might be moving out to attend University in another city or state. You could be flying the nest after graduation to explore the world. Whatever your reasons, there's a lot to consider in terms of where to live, how much it will cost, work opportunities and the high cost of living in Australia.  

    Deciding where to live will be determined based on what you can afford. 25% of young adults live in capital cities and big cities in Australia, while 20% live in urban areas. As these numbers show, you might want to move to locations in or near the city because that's where the social action is and where most job opportunities are. 

    To save on costs, the most common living arrangement is to share with your friends or other people who are looking for a place to live in the same area. But you still have to factor in rent, bills, transportation, leisure and food.

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    Ease into Independent Living

    Leaving home is a big change and can be an emotional transition. It can be lonely at times and stressful to handle bills, learning how to manage a tenancy and finding a job. Finding the right people to house share with, who you get along with and who you can trust can be a little daunting.

    The good news is, The Room Xchange is a safe and secure platform where all households and housemates go through a verification process. All our users are matched on personality, values and lifestyle ensuring that you move into a home with people who are just like you.

    After all, we want you to find your people and feel at home.

    You can also choose to offset part or all of your rent if you're willing to offer some additional help around the house.

    Verification, connect, rent. Nice and easy.