Find your people. Feel at home.

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  • There's something very beautiful about coming home at the end of the day to people who feel like your people. People you would enjoy having dinner with or going for a walk around the neighbourhood. Someone who you might share the stories of your day or ask for some advice. Someone who knows you well enough to know when you need your space and when you like to engage.
    Living with people like that is what makes your house feel like a home.

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    How do you find your people?

    It's a good question and one we take very seriously. Finding the right person to share your home with takes some curiosity, resources and the ability to have a good conversation to work out if you're a good fit. These things don't come easy to everyone, so we've created a unique profiling system and a resource hub to help you along.

    Creating a great profile

    The first step in ensuring you attract the right people is to create a compelling profile and make sure it's 100% completed. The questions are really easy and most are multiple choice. They're not invasive questions but are interesting enough for someone to get a good idea if you'd be a good fit for their household. We have an entire article on how to create an engaging profile so make sure you head over and have a read.

    Ask good questions

    Once you've found someone that you think would be a good fit, start asking some great questions. You can message privately in our private internal messaging system first. This is a safe place to start chatting before you hand over your phone number or decide to meet up personally. Either way, think of the things that are important to you in regard to compatibility and problem solving. To assist you, we've created an article and a downloadable pdf as a guide to asking good questions.

    Tick all the boxes 

    Before you move in, make sure you tick off all your boxes. You might not know what they are off the top of your head, so put some thought into it and create a list. You want to make sure that you cover off things like bill paying, groceries, house-share agreement and so on. To help you along, we've created a list of items you can add to your own checklist or you can download our pre-rental checklist as a guide.

    Spend some time together

    It's quite reasonable to suggest having dinner together. If there's more than one person in the house, make sure the new housemate gets to meet everyone. If you can sit around a dinner table, have a laugh and the conversation flows easily, it's a pretty good indication that you'll get on well. Some people even do a one week trial to see what it would be like to live together. That's not always an option, but there's no harm in asking.

    If you follow these simple steps you'll have a very good idea if your new housemate is someone you'll enjoy coming home to. 

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