Empty nesters flying the coop

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  • Within twenty years it is expected that couples living without children will make up almost 40% of households in Australia, which can largely be attributed to baby boomers becoming ‘empty nesters’. There are two sides to empty nesters they can either be happy and ready to become ‘escaping nesters’ or ‘grey nomads’ to do all the travelling and exploring they couldn’t coordinate when there was also a child or young adult to support as well. But there is also the development of ‘empty nest syndrome’ which refers to the feeling of unhappiness or turmoil that occurs when a fairly set way of life is suddenly upended by a child leaving home.

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    Escaping nesters

    But there are solutions that The Room Xchange can provide for either scenario. Kids aren't the only ones flying the coop. For the escaping nesters it can be easy to think that you’ll just pack your things and drive across the Nullarbor, explore the country you’ve lived in so long but never seen and be back in six months. However, insurance companies often limit how many days a house can be left unoccupied. What if the dog doesn’t travel well, or you’re wanting to leave during the crucial gardening season? It can be a difficult task to coordinate the children that left you an empty nester to return and ensure the dogs are fed and garden watered. But did you know that one of our verified housemates could do this for you? Trying to find a suitable and available house-sitter isn't always easy and the timing may not be convenient. Keeping the dog, the flowers and the insurance company, happy while giving you peace of mind that you’ll return to a maintained and still standing house and garden is reassuring.

    Fill the void

    Empty nest syndrome on the other hand often arises in full-time parents that are now facing a shift in their self-identified role. It's often more prevalent in mothers and can leave them feeling redundant. But there are many young adults that could use help with the transition out of the home, and you would be giving another recently empty nester peace of mind knowing their young adult is being given a soft transition into independent living.  Most importantly you could keep up that nurturing and sharing side but also allowing yourself free time to begin to adjust to a new 'you focused lifestyle' and put some additional money in your pocket at the same time.

    You'll also have peace of mind knowing that all users on our platform have been verified, our profiles help you to match a housemate based on personality, values and lifestyle and you can also request to have some additional jobs done around the house and offset some or all of your rent. Your empty nest won't be so empty anymore and you'll benefit in so many ways.