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  • Finding the right housing solutions in regional Australia is a challenge right across the country. In our latest podcast episode, we had the opportunity to sit down with Laura Shooter, Managing Director at SJ Shooter Real Estate in Dubbo NSW, to discuss the current challenges in the regional housing market and the innovative solutions being implemented to combat them.


    About Laura Shooter and SJ Shooter Real Estate, Dubbo NSW

    As a seventh-generation Dubbo local, Laura Shooter has seen how central housing is to her community. It's her mission to align the online and real-world experience of Dubbo, in a worthy representation of her home city, starting with SJ Shooter Real Estate. As Managing Director, Laura ensures her exceptional team is resourced with industry-leading tools and strategies, to achieve sensational results for their clients. Winning the Real Estate Institute of NSW & Australia Award for Small Agency of the Year in our 5th year of business means they're on the right track.

    Laura Shooter's Deep Connection to Dubbo's Housing Market

    Laura, with her deep-rooted connection to Dubbo, shed light on the pressing issues within the housing market, including the trends in housing values and the impact of affordability issues on applicants. She also unveiled how businesses and initiatives such as The Room Xchange are playing a pivotal role in providing solutions to the housing shortage.

    The National Perspective and Dubbo's Market Resilience

    According to Laura, the housing market in regional areas, such as Dubbo, has been following the same trends seen nationally. Although housing values have started to drop back slightly, historically, they have never tanked or crashed, instead, they continue on an upward trajectory. This suggests that while the housing market in regional areas may experience temporary dips, the long-term outlook remains positive.

    Addressing the Affordability Crisis with Innovative Solutions

    However, affordability issues are impacting applicants in the rental market, creating a need for innovative solutions. Businesses are stepping up to adapt to the housing shortage, such as The Room Xchange offering a novel solution. By connecting homeowners with unused bedrooms with people who need somewhere to stay, The Room Xchange is effectively addressing the housing shortage.

    The Economic Potential of Unlocking Housing Capacity

    Unlocking existing capacity in houses can bring significant economic and tourism benefits to regional areas. It can also accommodate large groups, such as those involved in film industry projects or sporting events. However, the pandemic has made people more hesitant to take risks with each other, highlighting the importance of a secure Digital ID verification process that The Room Xchange offers.

    The Future of Regional Housing and Rental Innovations

    Overall, the podcast episode provided an enlightening journey into the regional housing market and the fascinating innovations in the rental space. As we continue to navigate through the housing shortage, innovative solutions are set to play a crucial role in transforming the rental market.

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