Changes in Rental Demographics with Dr Diaswati Mardiasmo

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  • The changes in rental demographics might be surprising to some. Gone are the days when renting was the domain of 20 year olds who were leaving home for the first time or going to university. Or the young couple saving for a house. Changes in rental demographics are showing that more and more people are opting to rent as a lifestyle and/or financial choice. In this interview, Dr Diaswati Mardiasmo, Chief Economist at PRD Real Estate, talks about the changes in rental demographics and what that  means for the rental market.

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    About Dr Diaswati Asti Madiasmo

    Dr Diaswati Asti Madiasmo is the Chief Economist at PRD Real Estate and she is passionate about property data and sharing her knowledge of the market. She is also the secretary at the Queensland Multicultural Council and a resident committee member at Property Council of Australia. She is also a single mother and in this episode she shares her journey of house sharing.

    What we discussed

    2:40 - Introducing Dr Diaswati Asti Mardiasmo

    4:40 - Demographics for renters today

    There are two major changes. One is the demographics and the other is in the perception or stigma that is around house-sharing or renting.

    7:30 - How house-sharing and renting has changed.

    8:00 - Single mums are house-sharing more and more.

    8:45 - Where are renting trends heading?

    9:25 - Down-sizers and empty nester are now opting to rent.

    10:00 - Rent-vesting is popular now.

    10:35 - Asti shares her story about being a single mother and sharing her space in the house she owns with herself and her daughter.

    11:55 - House-sharing has given her companionship, security, financial support and a backup for her daughter.

    14:20 - There are over 13m unused spare bedrooms in Australia. They're rooms that can be rented.

    17:15 - Why are homes being built so large when people are having less children?

    20:50 - Negotiating your home-share relationship and having the right boundaries in place is important.

    22:15 - Negotiating a house-share is very similar to negotiating friendships.

    27:10 - What are some of the qualities you're looking for? What are your deal-breakers?

    28:30 - Interview people. Have your questions ready. (The Room Xchange has an interview template and a house-share agreement template you can use to help you along)

    We are all house-sharing. If we live with a partner or children we're sharing space. Renting or house sharing with other people is not that much different.

    Dr Diaswati Mardiasmo - Chief Economist PRD Real Estate

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