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  • In episode 17, Ludwina Dautovic discusses caring for our elderly in Australia with Lucy O'Flaherty, CEO of Columbia Aged Care.

    About Lucy O'Flaherty, CEO Columbia Aged Care

    Welcome to The Room Xchange Podcast. I’m Ludwina Dautovic and today I have the pleasure of speaking with Luck O’Flaherty, CEO of Columbia Aged Care. Lucy and I are going to unpack the process of caring for our elderly  in Australia.

    In this episode we discuss:

    • Caring for our elderly parents in Australia and the choices you have
    • Dementia and loneliness are two main issues we need to be aware of with our elderly
    • My Aged Care is a great resource to find out the right information for your elderly care
    • Be clear about your goals for your care, what you need and when you'll need it
    • Have an advanced care directive in place which can be set up online
    • Make sure your family clearly understands your needs and desires when aging
    • Get your financial plans in order
    • Have a power of attorney 
    • Make the right preparations so when the time comes your family doesn't have to be concerned about what you want

    Residential aged care is going through a massive transformation. What we're trying to do is continue that evolving demand versus what the needs are.

    Options for living arrangements when caring for your elderly  in Australia

    In the early stages when you're just needing some company at home and a little bit of help around the place, The Room Xchange is an ideal option. Most unused spare bedrooms are in the homes of elderly people. The spare bedrooms is an untapped resource for both the family of the elderly person and those who are looking for affordable and accessible housing. When it’s only company and some light housekeeping that’s needed, having someone to share your home could be the ideal answer you need. We also have a Matching Service and House Share Agreement process that we can take you through should you need a more personalised approach.

    Retirement Villages or Assisted Living are a good next step. These are places where you can still live fairly independently but have the onsite care and help should you need it.

    Aged Care Facilities are for when you are closer to the end of your life and require medical care and ongoing support.

    You need to be clear about your goals and decide them early

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    Lucy O'Flaherty - Columbia Aged Care

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