Matching Service for Households

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  • Our Matching Service for households has just been released and we're offering a 'No Match - No Fee' promise!

    There's no upfront costs. If we don't find you someone who is perfect for your household, we don't get paid. 

    If we do, we'll invoice you the value of the equivalent of first two week's rent. (***Conditions apply)

    Why a Matching Service for Households?

    Lots of people are using our platform and have had success finding the right person to house share.
    We've also had a number of households asking us if we can help them filter through the profiles and help them find their ideal housemate.
    So, we've created a personalised Matching Service to help you do just that.

    What is the Matching Service and what does it involve?

    We match you with the right housemate by facilitating the end-to-end house-share recruiting process.

    This is how:

    • Initial 30 minute no obligation phone call to see if it's right for you.
    • Get to know you video call with our team.
    • We'll help you create an engaging profile that reflects your personality, values and lifestyle and help you with your verification if you need it.
    • We'll recruit, pre-select and interview housemates who are an ideal match. 
    • We'll facilitate a 3-way Interview with the pre-selected housemates (one at a time).
    • Once you agree, we'll invoice you for $499 inc gst.

    ➜ Click here to read 4 case studies who used our Matching Service.

    If you'd like further assistance, ask about our House Share Agreement 

    • Initial 30 minute call to set things up and answer any questions you might have
    • We'll email you a template that you'll need to print off for the video call
    • We'll go through a bunch of questions with you and if needed, help you to articulate your responses
    • All parties will fill out the form as we go along
    • At the end of the interview, if you have any further questions you can and then add them to the form
    • Once you all agree, you can sign it and then we'll send you a copy of the video for future reference
    • We'll also give you both a courtesy call after 30 days to check in and see how you're going

    How do I get started?

    ➜ Book a call with our team right now. We get booked up very quickly, so if you want to get started sooner rather than later, don't waste any time.

    ➜ Do you run an organisation that has access to homeowners, elderly people ageing at home, people seeking affordable rentals, people living alone, women' group, young adults, people saving to buy a house?

    Please click the banner image below to book a call with us.

    Testimonial from one of our households who used the Matching Service

    I am a middle aged single woman looking to share my house. I was unsure of the process and what questions to ask and how to make sure I would be safe in my own home. I came across The Room Xchange and listed my room for rent. I like that all users, including myself, have to be verified. I was immediately contacted by their friendly customer care team where I was able to book a call with a real, live person! They walked me through the process of finding a housemate on my own using their technology. They also told me about their Matching Service which is based on a 'No match - no fee' model.

    They find someone who matches my profile, interviews me and them and matches me up with my ideal housemate. Harry is moving in this week and I couldn't be happier with the process. It's worth every dollar. Once you agree to a housemate moving in, they invoice you for the first two weeks rent. If they don't find you a match, you don't pay anything. It's a great deal."

    Catherine (Cate) Mercer - Editor 'Art of Healing' magazine