Turning Australia's 13m Spare Bedrooms Into Rental Supply

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  • In a country where 13+ million spare bedrooms lie unused, The Room Xchange stands out as a beacon of innovation and community spirit. This unique house-sharing platform, the first of its kind in Australia, is not just about providing a roof over your head. It's about transforming these unused spaces into vibrant, shared living experiences. Founded by Ludwina Dautovic, The Room Xchange is redefining the concept of house-sharing by turning idle rooms into opportunities for connection, support, and mutual growth.

    Redefining House-Sharing

    Gone are the days of the stereotypical flatmate experience. The Room Xchange is about sharing life, not just living spaces. It fosters an environment where housemates are part of a cohesive unit, sharing resources, experiences, and support.

    The Room Xchange Difference

    What sets The Room Xchange apart is its focus on deep, meaningful connections. The platform is designed to match homeowners with housemates who share similar values and lifestyles, ensuring a harmonious living situation.

    Verified and Safe User Experience

    Every user on The Room Xchange undergoes a verification process with Digital iD by Australia Post, a trusted Australian company. This step ensures all profiles are authentic, eliminating the worry of fake profiles and ensuring a safe, trustworthy community.

    Quality over Quantity

    Unlike traditional platforms, The Room Xchange prioritises quality matches over quantity. Homeowners and housemates are carefully matched based on compatibility, not just availability, creating a more personalised and satisfying experience.

    Addressing the Challenges of Homeowners

    In light of recent economic shifts, such as multiple interest rate hikes, many homeowners find themselves needing additional income. The Room Xchange addresses this need, offering homeowners not just financial benefits but also valuable support and companionship.

    More Than Just Financial Benefits

    The Room Xchange extends beyond financial aid. It provides emotional and practical support, fostering a community where homeowners and housemates support and enrich each other's lives.

    Why Choose The Room Xchange?

    Choosing The Room Xchange means opting for a safer, more connected house-sharing experience. The platform’s focus on trust, safety, and compatibility sets it apart from traditional house-sharing options.

    Building Trust and Community

    Trust is at the heart of The Room Xchange's philosophy. The platform ensures that both homeowners and housemates are entering into a living arrangement where safety, respect, and mutual support are paramount.

    The Future of House-Sharing

    As the housing market continues to evolve, The Room Xchange is at the forefront, shaping the future of house-sharing. Its commitment to community, safety, and support positions it as a leader in the industry.


    The Room Xchange is more than a house-sharing platform; it's a movement towards a more connected, supportive way of living. It offers a unique solution to homeowners and housemates alike, fostering a community where everyone benefits.

    Together, let's solve this housing crisis by changing the way we live, one room at a time.


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