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Anyone with a spare bedroom can help bushfire victims

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  • I just visited a distant relative on my mother’s side of the family in Warwick, QLD. It’s a very dry, baron town that is experiencing a drought with tight water restrictions with only 80 litres a day allocated per household.

    My second cousin Tony Steenbergen and his wife Wendy live in a humble home. They have raised a family, have 13 grandchildren who they support in any way they can and over the years have fostered over 100 children. As I sat on their balcony, with their family abound, I was served morning tea with chilled bottles of water. As I sipped the water, I listened to stories of their survival in this baron town. I was then served a cup of tea. As I took a sip, I reflected on their generosity and hospitality.  Amongst the challenges that they’re facing on a day to day basis, they still shared what they had including their precious limited resource of water.

    I then shared what we’re doing at The Room Xchange and how we’re using a resource that we have to help displaced victims of the bushfires. We have a fully established accommodation platform that is able to vet and verify people and offer them support via our customer care team.

    We’re reaching out to our existing hosts to ask if they can support people who are being displaced as a result of the fires. We’re also asking the general public to open their homes and offer respite for those who need it. 

    Wendy immediately said she’d be happy to help and offered her spare bedroom to a family who needs it. They don’t have much but are willing to share it. Many of us have luxury homes with water abound, food on the table, air-conditioning and a comfy bed. Many of us also have one or two spare bedrooms.

    Wendy and Tony are happy to share their spare bedroom along with their 80 litres of water a day. Those of us who have a lot should take a page out of their book.

    The visit to my distant relative reminded me of an old saying my mother used to say – ‘Those who have been given much, much is expected.’

    Written by CEO and Founder, Ludwina Dautovic

    PS: I have a spare bedroom in my home in Point Cook which will be available from January 20th for anyone who needs it.



    If you have a spare bedroom and can offer it to someone in need during the devastating bushfires please email:

    If you are in need of accommodation as a result of being displaced by the fires, or would like to stay with these lovely people in Warwick, QLD please email:

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