Space saving hacks for minimalists

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  • With current trends of more eco-friendly sustainable living, inhabiting small spaces is becoming more common. New trends are emerging in the modern world such as many are preferring to be minimalists and living in small homes. So when you're house sharing, consider how you and your housemates can create a minimalist household.

    So, if you are house sharing and it's a small home, how can you make the most of it?

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    Go minimalist

    Cut the clutter and go minimal! Less is more in a small space. Trading in clutter for sleek modern furniture and appliances will open up the space and make it appear larger. Minimalism is a prominent trend right now that involves getting rid of all belongings that aren’t functional. Minimalist home design in smaller spaces will result in a more open-looking home, despite the lack of space.

    Strategic shelving

    Utilise shelving to organise your belongings. Floating wall shelves are much more useful than traditional floor shelving for opening up a space. Another way to strategically make use of shelving is to install shelves along the perimeter of your bedroom walls to store books and other trinkets. Wooden floating shelves incorporating your belongings with succulents makes for a beautiful home decor element whilst making the most use of a small space.

    Hanging plants

    Plants in the home encourage health and wellbeing in a space, but we’d recommend hanging plants for the smaller home. Choose minimalist plants that filter the air such as spider plant, peace lily, mother-in-law’s tongue, golden pothos, and aloe vera. Having vines trickling down from your ceiling creates a lovely atmosphere in the home.

    Hanging fruit baskets

    Instead of allowing your fruit to take up bench space, install a hanging fruit basket in your kitchen. If you are up for the DIY task, use wooden bowls and rope to build your own rustic hanging fruit basket. Having your fruit out in the open and organised will encourage you to eat healthier while making the most of your space.

    Large mirrors

    Incorporating large mirrors into a space will give the optical illusion that the space is much larger. The bigger and more unique the mirror, the better. Shop around at antique stores to find a memorable mirror to incorporate into your small space. If you are going for a vintage look, hang multiple mirrors on the same wall to achieve this look.

    Rad rugs

    If you want to break up a common space into smaller living spaces, the best way to do this without making the space feel smaller is to invest in some rad rugs. Vintage rugs are all the rage right now and also give a space a trendy vintage feel. Choose rugs with similar colour schemes and different designs to really tie the room in together. There are several ways rugs can transform a space.

    Café inspired dining

    Instead of purchasing a large dining table, create an island café style dining bench against a window to enjoy some sunlight as you have your morning brekkie and coffee. Choose minimalist style seating for your dinner bench with DIY table decor such as baby’s breath in a mason jar.

    Little appliances

    Don’t stop at smaller furniture to fit within the space, choose smaller versions of appliances to add more space. Instead of a big coffee maker, buy a small french press and kettle. Not only will it fit more elegantly into a smaller space, but it will provide you with epically delicious coffee. You can guy many mini versions of household appliances including smaller fridges and microwaves that tend to take up a lot of space.

    Sneaky storage

    Buy a bed with storage drawers so you can put your clothes away right under your bed as oppose to purchasing a dresser or wardrobe that takes up a good amount of space. Another way to create sneaky storage is to install a double-use mirror in the bathroom to store toiletries and medications.

    All neutral everything

    Neutral paint colours are an awesome trend to make your home appear cleaner, bigger and more elegant. Neutral colours create a more visually appealing open space. If you want a cosier looking space, choose warm neutrals like creams, tans and browns. If you want a simple clean looking space, choose cool neutrals like whites, greys and blacks. Warm neutrals will contribute to a rustic atmosphere and cool neutrals will contribute to a minimalist atmosphere.

    Article by: Kaylyn Jeffrey is the Web Content Manager for, a trades and services platform that connects everyday homeowners to local tradies. When Kay isn't writing articles with ♥ from the Gold Coast of Australia, she is spending time in the Hinterlands with her fiancé and researching eco-friendly and sustainable homeowner tips.