The Room Xchange and 'compare & connect' Partnership: Helping Australian Households

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  • As the cost of living in Australia continues to climb, many individuals and families are feeling the pinch. The rising expenses, including higher mortgage costs and utility bills, are taking a toll on the financial well-being of Australians. In this challenging environment, finding ways to save money has become more crucial than ever. That's where the exciting partnership between The Room Xchange and 'compare & connect' comes into play.

    The Room Xchange and 'compare & connect': A Powerful Duo

    In response to the ongoing cost of living pressures, The Room Xchange, an award-winning Proptech platform, has teamed up with 'compare & connect', an innovative comparison service, to provide a practical solution for Australian house-sharers. This partnership aims to empower homeowners and renters to save both time and money on essential household services.

    Savings at Your Fingertips

    The Room Xchange is integrating a seamless white-label version of 'compare & connect's' technology-led comparison and connection platform. This means that homeowners and renters associated with The Room Xchange can now effortlessly compare their current household bills against other providers in Australia. The best part? It's independent, free, and accessible online, backed by an expert team.

    Tackling the Rising Cost of Living

    The decision to join forces couldn't come at a more crucial time. With the cost of living on the rise, many Australians are feeling the financial strain. Ludwina Dautovic, CEO and Founder of The Room Xchange, highlights the significance of this collaboration. "In a sign that The Room Xchange is fast becoming Australia’s first choice for house-sharing, we’re thrilled that 'compare & connect' is partnering with us to help us take the pain out of switching to a better deal. Given how many Aussies are doing it tough right now, for some people, this could literally help to ‘keep the lights on’."

    Streamlined Savings

    Compare & connect is committed to helping Australian consumers make informed choices, especially for essential services like utilities. Their platform identifies potential savings and streamlines the transition to a new provider, making the process swift and hassle-free.

    Penni Nicholls, Chief Growth Officer at 'compare & connect', welcomes the partnership, emphasising the alignment of their mission with The Room Xchange. "Our goal has always been to alleviate the financial pressures on Australian homeowners and renters. With the high cost of living affecting millions, assisting them at the very core - their homes - is precisely why we extend our services. There’s a great alignment here, and we’re really looking forward to working with The Room Xchange."

    Taking Action: Your Path to Savings

    To make this exciting partnership accessible to everyone, a dedicated landing page featuring the new service is now live and ready for comparisons. By combining the strengths of The Room Xchange's innovative platform and 'compare & connect's' expertise in cost-saving solutions, Australian households can look forward to a brighter and more affordable future.


    In a time when every dollar saved matters, this collaboration between The Room Xchange and 'compare & connect' represents a significant step towards easing the financial burdens faced by Australians. With access to expert guidance and efficient comparison tools, homeowners and renters now have a powerful resource to help them save thousands on household costs, ultimately contributing to greater financial stability and peace of mind. As the cost of living continues to rise, this partnership offers a glimmer of hope and financial relief for Australian households.