Rental bonds and condition reports

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  • Rental bonds and condition reports can give you peace of mind when taking in a housemate. It will also give the housemate peace of mind knowing they left the place in the same condition they found it.

    Requesting a bond is reasonable and most housemates would expect it. However, depending on the type of rental, will depend on the type of bond.

    The bond arrangements may differ depending on whether you own the place or are renting it from a landlord or agent.

    If you're renting, ake sure you first enquire about being able to take in an additional tenant. 

    Bond deposit and receipt

    If you already have a bond in place, then you will need to add the new housemate to the RTBA bond details.

    This differs from state to state. See the list below for more information about the Bond requirements in your state.

    NSW Bonds
    Victoria Bonds
    Queensland Bonds
    Tasmania Bonds
    Western Australia Bonds
    South Australia Bonds
    ACT Bonds
    Northern Territory Bonds

    Condition reports

    You may wish to do a condition report for their room and/or bathroom. If you have provided furniture make sure the condition of that is also included in the condition report.

    See the list below for more information about Condition Reports in your local state.

    NSW Condition Reports
    Victoria Condition Reports
    Queensland Condition Reports
    Tasmania Condition Reports
    Western Australia Condition Reports
    South Australia Condition Reports
    ACT Condition Reports
    Northern Territory Condition Reports

    The information provided is to assist you to feel confident in the process of house sharing. Verbal agreements are not enough. You want to make sure that you have something in place to ensure you both agree on the terms of your house share. However, these are guides only and you should check the laws and regulations in your state in regard to house sharing. Also check the RTBA in your local state. We do not accept any liability that may arise from the guides that we provide. Please read our website terms and conditions for further information.