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  • Get your notepads out! This episode is full of practical ideas on how to apply for a rental property. Hello, I’m Ludwina Dautovic your host of The Room Xchange Podcast and our first guest is Ray Ellis, CEO of First National Real Estate. Ray has had a strong business career in Australia and internationally through a variety of industries. Ray and I are talk about how to apply for a rental property. Ray has some great insights, so if you’re currently applying for rentals, don’t miss this one! Make sure you head over to our Instagram and Facebook page to join the conversation. Remember to subscribe to your favourite podcast directory so you never miss an episode.

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    Topics discussed in this episode:

    1:30 - What's happening in the real estate market in Australia?

    3:50 - How do you put together a good rental application?

    6:10 - What paperwork do you need to include in your application?

    9:05 - What percentage of your income should go towards your rent?

    10:34 - More and more people are working permanent casual or self employed. How does this impact rental applications?

    12:40 - How to make yourself known to the agent.

    When you make yourself known to the agent, you become a person and not a number. If you don't do that, you'll be overlooked - Ray Ellis

    13:26 - Landlords aren't meant to be feared.

    14:00 - The majority of tenancies are good stories.

    15:11 -  Watch your grammar on your application.

    17:00 - Establish a relationship with the agent and they'll notify you when something comes up that suits your needs. 

    17:39 - How to apply for a rental property with a group of tenants in a share house.

    22:22 - The majority of investors in Australia and mum are dad investors.

    Landlords aren't people to be feared. They're good average Australian's, who live in a suburb and bought an investment property - Ray Ellis

    23:27 - Ray recaps his points on how to successfully apply for a rental property. Get your credit rating and finances in order. Isolate where you want to live. Follow the right real estate portals such as firstnational.com.au. Get to know the local agents and impress them with your character. Stay in touch with them as it will keep you ahead of the pack.

    25:05 - Well done on what you're doing with this podcast show. It's a great benefit not just to young people but to all people around Australia.

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