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Online Fundraising and Crowdfunding for a Good Cause

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  • Welcome to Xchange Revolution. In this episode we chat with Tania Burstin, founder and managing director of mycause, an Australian award-winning cause funding platform. Tania is a three-time Telstra Business award finalist and a top 50 women fintech leader. Mycause is Australia's number 1 platform for online fundraising and crowdfunding, giving Australians accessible ways to donate to causes that matter to them.

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    In this episode we discuss:

    • Online fundraising and crowdfunding in Australia
    • Tania's journey in building this award winning platform
    • Understanding charity regulations
    • Who can raise money and what types of causes you can raise money for
    • Personal cause and pledge based crowdfunding
    • How you can change someone's life by raising funds for them
    • The most unusual charity that raised money
    • How Covid 19 impacted mycause and the not for profit industry
    • Tania shares how she and her family are adapting to life through the pandemic

    About Tania Burstin

    Tania Burstin, a business woman and social entrepreneur, started mycause, an online fundraising and crowdfunding platform in 2009 after noticing a gap in the market for donation sponsorship.

    Mycause has over 6500 charity partners and has raised more than $140 million for Australian community groups, charities and individuals. 

    Mycause was a Finalist in the Telstra Australian Business Awards (Vic) 2013, 2015, 2016. 

    Tania was named in the 'Female Fintech Founders' project as a female Fintech entrepreneur in 2018 and a Monash Global Fellow in 2019. Tania is a thought leader in the crowdfunding community and regularly commentates on charitable fundraising in Australia. When she is not helping to raise money for causes she is riding her bike.

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