Precycle Pantry Melbournes First Zero Waste Mobile Grocery Shop

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  • Precycle Pantry is an innovative Melbourne small business that has a zero waste grocery shop model. We love it when we come across ideas that help our users to reduce their environmental footprint. So we asked Carolina from Precycle Pantry to collaborate with us on this blog post.

    It's currently only available in Melbourne, but I'm sure they'll be in your neck of the woods in no time.  I asked Carolina a bunch of questions and here are her answers.  If you'd like to get in touch with Precycle Pantry Zero Was Mobile Grocery, their social media links are at the end of the post.

    1. Tell me about Precycle Pantry and how does it work?

    Precycle Pantry is Melbourne’s first zero-waste grocery shop on wheels and you can shop with them by booking Pablo their Refill Van to visit your home or community and using your own containers to stock up your pantry and household essentials from the comfort of your doorstep.

    2. Are you online as well as Pablo the van?

    Yes, you also have the option of ordering your goods online if you prefer to have them delivered. All of their products come in compostable paper bags and returnable glass jars.

    3. How did you come up with the idea?

    Precycle Pantry was born out of Founder’s (Caro Felton) passion for human health and planet care. She believes these two couldn’t coexists with one another and after surviving cancer she’s been on a mission to keep the planet healthy so humans can have wellbeing.

    4. How much money can we save on an average shop?

    Booking Pablo the Refill Van is completely free, plus their products are matching super-market prices.

    5. How much waste on average would one household shop reduce?

    A household shop with us reduces at least 20 single-use plastic packaging from going into landfill. Depending on how much they purchase from us but when they usually do their cleaning products, personal care (shampoo, conditioner) plus their pantry essentials and a couple of snacks it comes down

    to a good amount of plastic diverted from going into landfill or our oceans.

    6. Can I get a group of neighbours together for a street shop?

    Sure thing! We’re all about community. 8 out of 10 of the people who book us on a regular basis invite some neighbours, family or friends to the booking. It’s such a fan experience and a good excuse to catch up.

    7. Where are you located and what are your future plans?

    We operate in over 30+ postcodes all around Melbourne. To see which ones visit our website:

    8. How can people find out about you?

    If you would like to be updated on Pablo the Refill Van whereabouts, join our mailing list as you can always join an existing booking or find us in some local markets as well. Otherwise, follow our journey on Facebook or Instagram - @precyclepantry or send us an email We would love to chat!

    Thanks Carolina for sharing your story. The Room Xchange is all about using resources that already exist - spare bedrooms, so it fits in well with our values.

    If you put an online order through, don't be surprised if you see one of our postcards in your box!

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