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Need help with Your Busy Family?

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  • A Spare Room in Xchange for Help with your Busy Family

    More and more families are in need of childcare programs and support around the house while parents are at work. Many children younger than 5 years old go to childcare every week and the continuously growing demand is leading to a childcare crisis. As demand increases so do the costs. In fact, the most common problem that families have with childcare programs is the limited availability and expense.

    Couple families spend $162 and single-parent families $114 on childcare per week. This has increased more than 50% in the last decade and is growing more rapidly than household incomes.  With the rising cost of living in Australia, quitting work to look after the family home and the children instead of the children attending childcare is barely a viable option.

    How do you create a work/family balance?

    Households by the Numbers

    As of 2011, 71.5% of households in Australia are comprised of families. These families are made up of married couples, couples in a de facto relationship, same-sex couples, and single-parent families of diverse cultures and backgrounds.

    According to 2015 data of HILDA survey, 41% to 42% of Australian residents are part of a household with dependent children (children under 15 years old), which is the common type of household in this country. For couple families, 21.6% of them have both parents employed full-time. When it comes to projections, it is expected that Australian families will grow to around 9 million in 2036; a growth of 47% from 2011.

    The childcare crisis will inevitably become worse as families multiply every year. No doubt we'll also see a price surge as childcare facilities take advantage of the demands. 

    Low-cost and Practical Solutions

    If you have a spare room in your home, instead of leaving it unoccupied and gathering dust, consider offering it to a Guest Xchanger. In Xchange for food and accommodation, a Guest will provide 14 hours a week or 2 hours a day of agreed help. A Guest can make your life easier in so many ways. They can help you look after the children, prepare and pack their lunches, or do the drive to and from school. A Guest can also help you with cooking, gardening, looking after the pets, grocery shopping and errands.

    For stay-at-home parents, a Guest and a helping hand can give you some spare time for rest and relaxation, catching up with friends, or a long overdue trip to the hair salon. Someone to chat and enjoy the time with also decreases isolation when at home full time.

    All kinds of young families definitely need a helping hand at some point, even just for a couple of hours a day. Choose a more practical way and utilise an existing resource, your spare bedroom, and eliminate the high childcare fees.

    Read what a busy working mother says about having a Guest helping her with her daughter:

    "Being a professional woman in the sports industry and a single mother of a 3 year old, leaves me with little time for myself.

    I've had demi-pairs before, so I understand how the process of having an Xchanger works. The difference with The Room Xchange is the process of securing the right person.  I didn't have the time to look through potential guests on the platform and interview them. Their Matchmaking Service did all that for me. All I needed to arrange was my first meeting and by that stage, we'd all agreed that Li was the right fit for our family and us the right fit for her.

    If you have a spare bedroom sitting idle and a career that absorbs a lot of your time, make use of it and get some in-home help. It's great! Li not only helps with my daughter, she also cooks at times and we help each other when it comes to cleaning. It has definitely positively impacted the way we live by giving my daughter and I more quality time together and myself more ‘ me’ time, which is just as important.

    Tiffany Cherry, Australian Sports Broadcaster and Media Personality

    If you'd like to find out how you can get an extra set of hands to help you with your busy family click here to book a call.