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Our Matchmaking Service Finds the Right Guest for you

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  • We know you're busy - everyone is now-a-days. 

    You're working long hours building your career or business, that's why you need a Guest to help you out a couple of hours a day. But you probably don't fancy spending your evenings finding a Guest that suits your needs. That's why we've set up our personalised Matchmaking Service to make it faster and easier for you to find your ideal Guest.  Not only will it save you time, but we'll sift through ideal Guests who we think would be a great fit for you, leaving the guess work out of it. We'll also help you put your best foot forward.

    Some of the Hosts who have used our Matchmaking Service have found it comforting knowing their identity is private until an Xchange is confirmed. (This has been particularly useful for Hosts who have a public profile.) 


    Our Matchmaking Service will:

    • Help you create an engaging profile
    • Help you select ideal profile images
    • Assist you with obtaining your Digital iD verification
    • Search through our existing database and present you with a few Guest options
    • Set up an anonymous conference call with potential Guests whilst keeping your identity private
    • Help you set up a meeting or video conference call
    • Assist you with making your final decision
    • Help you set up your Guestbook and Xchange agreement
    • Be available for a call should you need the support
    • You don't pay for the Matchmaking Service until you confirm your Xchange

    The Matchmaking Service is normally $199 but is free for a limited time. (Application only)


    If you'd like to apply, email: In the subject line write: Matchmaking Service Application

    Register as a Host and verify your email address on our platform before you apply.

    Want your life back? Need a little help? Reach out and take a step closer to changing the way you live.

    Here's what our Hosts, Catherine said about our Matchmaking Service:

    "Just six weeks ago Dave and I were a little apprehensive about finding the right person. We wanted someone who was happy to cook vegan meals and who would be lovely to live with, but how do we find them?

    The Room Xchange's Matchmaking Service did all the work for us, taking the stress away.

    We explained our individual personalities and what we are like as a couple, the way we like to live, and what we were looking for in a Guest. It was clear from the first conversation that they really heard and understood us and were genuinely invested in making sure we found the perfect match. They were helpful and super friendly, answering our numerous questions about what it’s like once the Guest moves in, expectations on both sides and the best way to manage and communicate with our Guest. That initial call with the Matchmaking Service made us relieved; we were clearly in safe hands!"

    Catherine Moolenschot, 3 x Published Author

    Host in Melbourne

    Here's what David has to say about our platform:

    All professionals need to seriously consider The Room Xchange! It saves you valuable time that you can re-inject into your business or career. You also get to meet some awesome people along the way. Working hard to grow my digital marketing agency means that I have very little time for anything else. Compound that with a new house purchase and my last few months have been exceptionally busy! Finding Sally through The Room Xchange has been a saviour. She's freed up valuable time that I can inject back into my business and I have more time to spend with my partner. Sally basically runs the household and she's an amazing cook! I come home from work to a home cooked meal and our house now feels like a home. – What more could you ask for?"

    David Pagotto - Managing Director SIXGUN Digital Agency

    Host in Melbourne