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  • Over the last few years we've had a number of people use our 'No Match - No Fee' Matching Service for households. Following are a few case studies for you to read.
    These stories have been shared with us so we have permission to use them. Some names have been changed for privacy.

    Angela and Sherylanne

    Angela and Sherylanne are two women in their 50's from Sydney Angela was living on her own with her ten year old son. She is an Epidemiologist for a big hospital in Sydney and needed help with her son and some household help as well. Angela has had au-pairs and international students in the past, but she wanted something different this time. She was looking for someone a little bit older who could impart some wisdom to her son and also be a friend to her.

    Sherylanne is a dancer teacher and was building up a dance school in Sydney. She liked the idea of a rent offset as it enabled her to grow her business without worrying about her living expenses. Sherylanne had worked with children in the past so the idea of helping out with Angela's son brought her joy. As soon as we set up their first video call, they hit it off! They have been living together for over 18 months and sadly, they are now parting ways. Sherylanne has been given a great opportunity in Portugal and will be moving on. Which means that Angela is looking for a new housemate.

    The house is in Rozelle in Sydney. Angela has a fully self contained bungalow in the back of her house. It's near public transport and very close to the city. Search for 'Rozelle' and then find 'Angela'.

    Sherylanne and Angela shared their story in this podcast episode below. They also shared their insights and tips on how to house-share in a positive and meaningful way that benefits everyone.

    You can read more about Angela and Sherylanne's house-share experience here.

    91 Year old Maggie and 30 year old Lyndsey

    Maggie is an elderly woman who's husband passed away 5 years prior. Her adult daughter had been flying up and down from Melbourne to Brisbane to care for her mother and which was an arduous process and they needed something different. She found The Room Xchange and booked in a chat.

    We offered her our matching service and we ended up matching her with Lyndsey, a massage therapist, who was looking for a place to live in Brisbane. She loved elderly people and they hit it off instantly. Maggie's husband had thoughtfully built a self contained unit on their property which gave Lyndsay her own private access and living quarters. Her rent offset gave her the opportunity to reduce her living costs and it gave Maggie the opportunity to have company at home, some help with laundry and an occasional trip to the shops and hairdressers.

    50 year old Cathy and professional couple in their 30's (Names changed for privacy)

    Cathy is a woman in her 50's who recently divorced after being married for most of her life. Her adult children had grown and left home so she was on her own. She needed to find a way to support herself for the rest of her life so she started a wedding photography business which was something she was passionate about. After staying at friends places for a time, she needed something more permanent and that's when she found The Room Xchange.

    We matched her with a young professional, self employed couple. They had no time to cook healthy meals after their very long day at work and needed some help with home management. It provided Cathy with a comfortable home which gave her the stability she needed while she was building her business.

    Due to the nature of the couple's work, they also encouraged and supported her business endeavours and as a result her business grew.
    I was told there were often competitions over the dinner table about who would get the most sales in a day! After some time, Cathy was able to then rent a place on her own closer to the city. She was very grateful for the opportunity to contribute to their lives and have her life be so positively impacted as well.

    Professional single mum Tiffany and international student Li

    Tiffany, a single professional mother, needed help with her daughter, along with some household help here and there. Li, an international student from China, had no family in Australia and didn't like living in the university rooms as she felt lonely and isolated. Li loves children and we knew she would be a great match for Tiffany. 

    We offered Tiffany our matching service and she took it up. Within a few weeks we matched her with Li and the two of them hit if off instantly!

    They lived together for over a year and in that time Tiffany was able to focus on her business and her daughter knowing that the small stuff was taken care of. They had a part rent and part rent offset arrangement which worked out well for both of them.

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