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Herald Sun - Matching those wanting a free room with others wanting a helping hand

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  • Article on the Herald Sun Online by Toni Hetherington

    They say there is no such thing as a free lunch, but there is free board.

    The Room Xchange is a new online marketplace in Victoria that connects busy people with a spare room in their house with guests who are willing to provide a couple of hours of help in exchange for free accommodation and board.

    You can join as a host or a guest. Once you’ve filled in your profile, you are matched free (currently while in beta phase) with a suitable person.

    For Robyn and Grant Taylor who have six kids and run the Nyora Woods BnB and a glamping business in Eltham, the workload with cleaning was becoming too much to handle.

    “Our BnB is like a 5-star resort. It has an outdoor cinema, 4ft bath, gazebo, pool, spa, tennis court, bushland, etc,” said Grant.

    “Robyn is a care worker, and also works the BnB. We needed someone to help her. Robyn had put an ad on Gumtree for a uni student to get free accommodation in exchange for work but didn’t get any offers. Not even one inquiry. Then Jo, our daughter, found The Room Xchange online.”

    After having a coffee with The Room Xchange founder Ludwina Dautovic and potential tenant Tracey Hunt, the couple decided to give it a go and after several months are thrilled with the outcome.

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