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  • In episode 15, Ben Pretty, Co-founder of Rent Rabbit, and Ludwina Dautovic talk about reviews for renters by renters

    About Ben Pretty

    Ben is the co-founder of - Australia's No1 Property Review Platform for Renters. Ben is passionate about tackling the imbalance of Australia’s private rental market through a renter first approach. Rent Rabbit allows renters to review the properties they’ve rented; list any issues they’ve had with the property and/or with the landlord or agent.

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    I like to think of it as a housing service and a social service. If we could focus less on the push to become property investors and to make money from land that we essentially all live on, and recognise that we are providing a service at the same time.

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    In this conversation, Ben Pretty and Ludwina Dautovic discuss the benefits and transparency around reviews for landlords, agents and tenants and the benefits it brings to the industry.

    How Rent Rabbit works

    Rent Rabbit is a review platform for landlords, agents and tenants. It's a transparent approach to finding out who you're dealing with and what their history of dealing with others is like. It also gives the tenant an opportunity to understand what it's like to deal with the owner and agents of the property. If you're spending a great deal of money each year with a supplier, you it's reasonable to know what they're like to deal with

    Benefits to all parties

    Being able to ask previous tenants about the street, neighbourhood, the condition of the house and how the landlord dealt with repairs is great knowledge to have. If you're spending anywhere from $20 - $30k a year with an agent or landlord, shouldn't you be able to know what they're like to deal with? There are benefits to the landlord knowing what the tenants history is like. It's also a benefit for the tenant to know what the landlords history is like.

    Ratings and reviews are common practice

    We are living in a world where ratings and reviews are the first port of call for consumers when making a decision about a product or service you're purchasing, especially if it is a high ticket item. So why not for rentals? As an example, Airbnb uses ratings and reviews for both hosts and guests. It is becoming a standard requirement in the short term holiday space. So why shouldn't we do the same for long term rentals? It's a fascinating discussion and very thought provoking. If you enjoyed it, please subscribe, rate and review the podcast on Apple podcasts. We'll read it out in a future episode if you do.

    The important part in our mission is to provide a trust layer to the rental eco-system by giving the consumer or renter confidence in their choice. 

    Ben Pretty, Co-founder Rent Rabbit

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