How to Care for Housemates With Covid

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  • As the CEO of The Room Xchange and a house-sharer myself, I’ve seen my share of ups and downs in the world of shared living. But nothing quite compares to the experience of dealing with COVID-19 within the walls of your own home. I know we're all over hearing about it, but I’m currently dealing with COVID myself, and boy, it’s a rollercoaster of sniffles, coughs, and cabin fever. It's still very much a part of our lives. Just recently, one of my housemates was in the same boat, and we all rallied around to support him. It’s times like these that remind us, that although we might be past the peak of the pandemic, COVID is still playing hide and seek in the background.

    Let's chat about how to take care of each other when COVID knocks on your door, maintain your mental health during isolation, and why it's crucial to have clear house rules for these challenging times.

    Lending a Hand (Sanitised, of Course)

    When a housemate gets COVID, it’s all hands on deck - but with a mask! It’s important to provide practical support, like running errands, preparing meals, or just checking in to see if they need anything. It's kind of like being a superhero, but your power is compassion (and maybe making a mean chicken soup).

    The Mental Health Roller Coaster

    Isolation can mess with your head. It's like being grounded as a kid, but the stakes are higher. Keep in touch with your isolated housemate through calls or texts. Maybe have a Netflix party or play online games together. It's about keeping the spirits up and reminding each other that this too shall pass.

    Clear House Rules: The COVID Edition

    Having clear house rules during COVID times is as crucial as having a map in a maze. What to do if someone tests positive? How to handle self-isolation? Who takes out the trash? It might seem over the top, but having these rules in place can prevent a lot of confusion and ensure everyone’s safety.

    A Few More Tips:

    • Personal Space is Sacred: Respect the isolation space. Think of it as their personal 'No Man's Land'. No trespassing unless absolutely necessary.

    • Hygiene on Hyperdrive: Disinfect common areas regularly. It’s like having an invisible shield against the virus.

    • Checking In is Caring: Daily check-ins are not just about physical health. A quick 'How are you feeling today?' can go a long way.

    • Stay Informed, Not Overwhelmed: Keep up with the latest COVID guidelines without obsessing over the news. It's a fine line between being informed and falling down a news rabbit hole.

    • Mental Health Matters: Encourage housemates to talk about their feelings. Sometimes just acknowledging that 'this sucks' is therapeutic.

    Living with housemates during COVID times is a test of patience, empathy, and resilience. It’s about striking that delicate balance between caring for each other and taking care of yourself. Remember, a little understanding and a lot of hand sanitizer can go a long way in keeping everyone safe and sane.

    Stay safe, stay connected, and let’s keep supporting each other through these sneezy times!