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  • Lara Shannon - The Room Xchange PodcastKnowing how to rent with pets can be challenging particularly when the laws differ from one state to the next. The rental laws in regard to renting with pets have also changed which provide tenants with more assurance around renting with their beloved pets. However, you still need to get the okay from the agent or landlord and there are some things you can do to help your application along.

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    About Lara Shannon

    To help me unpack the mysteries of how to rent with pets is Leading dog expert, Lara Shannon. Lara is passionate about empowering people to take the best care of their pets. She’s a certified dog trainer, behaviourist, and pet food nutritionist. Lara is also the Producer and Host of Channel 10's Pooches at Play, Author of ‘World of Dogs’ and ‘Eat Play Love (Your Dog)’.

    What we discussed in this episode

    1:20 – Episode 3 guest Christopher Zinn talked about ‘Is renting a viable lifestyle option.’ Click here to listen to the interview.

    2:36 – Pooches at Play on Channel 10.

    3:11 – How have the tenancy laws changed in regards to pets?

    5:21 – Concerns that landlords might have and how to alleviate them.

    7:10 – In WA you can have a pet bond but not in other states

    8:38 – Make the right decision on the type of house you’re applying for based on the temperament and habits of your dog.

    There’s over 30m pets in Australia and over 2/3’ds of households have a pet. There is a massive need for rental accommodation that allows for these pets.”

    11:00 – Pet owners are generally good tenants.

    13:00 – How to deal with neighbours with barking dogs

    15:30 – Offer to take care of your neighbours’ dog if you’re home during the day. Foster a dog!

    16:16 – How to apply for a share house with a dog

    17:49 – Lara shares tips on how to live with a dog in a rental property.

    18:30 – Many dogs are now experiencing separation anxiety as their owners start going back to work post covid.

    Research shows that people with pets really appreciate and respect that they’ve been given this opportunity to be able to have this pet in their rental home

    22:20 – Pets are a great way to get to know your neighbours and get involved in your local community.

    23:05 – How you can use Facebook community groups to connect you with other pet owners in your neighbourhood.

    23:48 – How to put together a pet resume and how it can help you with your rental applications.

    27:25 – To find out more about Lara Shannon go to www.poochesatplay.com or www.Larashannon.com and Pooches at Play on Channel 10.

    29:04 – We’re taking a break from our feature interviews over the next three weeks during the Christmas holidays. I’ll be sharing a quick content update each week where I’ll be talking about a new feature on our website. We’ll return to our normal line-up on January 19th with Jo Natoli, Founder of The Rental Specialists. We’ll be talking about how to build a better relationship between the landlord and tenant.


    Lara Shannon - Pooches at Play

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