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  • In the latest episode of our podcast, we delve into the innovative world of shared payments with Rowan Wilde, co-founder of HelpPay. HelpPay is a social impact payments platform designed to ease the burden of shared expenses. With a focus on simplicity, trust, and customer support, HelpPay allows users to create a link for others to chip in on expenses. We also announced an exciting partnership between HelpPay and The Room Xchange!


    About Rowan Wilde, Co-Founder - HelpPay

    Rowan has worked for some of the biggest names in energy, health, insurance and wealth management, and is a co-founder of HelpPay - a social impact payments platform.

    The podcast explored the free app, HelpPay, which is designed to simplify the process of sharing bills with friends, family, and organisations. The app is particularly beneficial for students and those in shared housing. It offers the convenience of forwarding bills for payment and helps maintain a good credit history. The simplicity and efficiency of HelpPay in managing and paying bills cannot be overstated.

    The conversation also delved into the future of house-sharing and renting, highlighting the innovative partnership between The Room Xchange and HelpPay. The Room Xchange, Australia's first verified house-sharing platform, is revolutionising house-sharing by matching renters based on personality, values, and lifestyle. The discussion also explored the option to rent or offset rent, a game-changer for anyone looking to save time and money.

    They also underscored the importance of trust in shared payment platforms and the challenges businesses face in providing support to their customers. It also announced an exciting development that promises to bring even more convenience to users.

    In addition to HelpPay, the episode also explored the process of setting up a help pay link without needing a BPay. This technology can be utilised in various scenarios, such as sharing a rental house or room, and can remove the awkwardness of conversations around money. It is also beneficial for homeowners who are new to house-sharing.

    The podcast episode painted a promising picture of the future of shared payments and renting. With innovations like HelpPay and platforms like The Room Xchange, managing shared expenses and renting has never been easier. These platforms are not just making life easier for their users, but also contributing to a more inclusive and equitable economy.

    Whether you are a homeowner venturing into the sharing economy, or a seasoned renter, the insights and tips from this episode are bound to prove valuable. As shared living and payments continue to evolve, platforms like HelpPay and The Room Xchange are set to spearhead the change, making the process more streamlined, transparent, and efficient for everyone involved.

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