A fresh approach to house-sharing

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  • This was a short article in the online platform - IdeaSpies, written by Jennifer Harrison, Vice President of PropTech Australia.

    One of the things I love about working in #proptech is seeing founders like Ludwina Dautovic bring their passion and purpose to create meaningful change in the property market for the benefit of multiple parties.

    Take, for example, housing options.

    The rental market is set up for you to rent the whole property, which is not optimal for many would-be tenants for a variety of reasons.⁠

    Whilst politicians cite a lack of housing supply as the reason for the affordability crisis, economists point out that the existing housing stock is not optimally inhabited, particularly when you look at housing needs for different life stages. Hence demographers frequently trot out the line that Australia doesn’t have a shortage of housing ... rather it has a glut of bedrooms!⁠

    So it makes a lot of sense to help Australians living in homes with empty spare bedrooms to benefit from some extra income and company.⁠

    Of course, the problem to solve then becomes finding the right person. And that's where the The Room Xchange comes in with ID verification and profile matching. It's a win/win solution and Jennifer Harrison wrote about it in this weeks edition of @Ideaspies. ⁠@jhconsulting

    You can see the article here.