Envisioning the Future of Sustainable Housing with Antony DiMase

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  • In episode #26, Ludwina Dautovic talks with Antony DiMase, from DiMase Architects about the future of sustainable housing.

    Sustainable architecture has the potential to reshape our future. In our latest podcast episode, we had the pleasure of discussing this topic with Antony DiMase from DiMase Architects. Antony firmly believes in the transformative power of good design. His vision for sustainable living spaces paints a picture of a world where houses are not merely commodities, but energy-efficient sanctuaries that contribute positively to the environment.

    The core of sustainable architecture, according to Antony, lies in the creation of small footprint buildings. These structures, enriched with natural light, good ventilation, and adaptable spaces, go beyond providing shelter. They create an environment that enhances the quality of life while being kind to the planet. Antony's work exemplifies this approach, offering an ideal blend of comfort, functionality, and sustainability.

    A well-designed building lasts a long time. It can last centuries. It can last for an incredible amount of time. So the notion that if we want to create a sustainable building is actually we build well, we build small footprint buildings, natural light, good ventilation, spaces that can be adaptable for a multitude of uses - Antony DiMase

    How to improve energy efficiency in your home

    One of the key topics Antony discusses is the importance of energy efficiency in homes. This is an aspect that renters can also contribute to, despite not owning the property. Simple measures like closing off vents, using bubble wrap on windows, and installing strips under doors can significantly reduce drafts and make a home more energy-efficient. Regular maintenance, Antony emphasises, plays a critical role in enhancing a building's longevity and sustainability.

    More in-depth strategies to reduce carbon emissions

    But energy efficiency is just one piece of the puzzle. To create truly sustainable housing, we need to delve deeper and explore more complex solutions. This includes strategies to reduce carbon emissions, like improving insulation and decreasing energy consumption. It also involves exploring active systems such as solar panels and rainwater harvesting, and even moving away from gas.

    If you're designing a house with good insulation, good cross ventilation, you're not designing a house that's too big for what it needs to be and you've got good landscaping in and around the building. The need for heating and cooling it's much reduced - Antony DiMase

    Green loans and subsidies

    Another intriguing concept Antony explores is the potential of green loans and subsidies. With the rising importance of environmental, social, and governance reporting standards for housing, green loans could offer homeowners the means to make their homes more energy-efficient. This ties in with the idea of creating a logbook system to track progress in energy efficiency, a system that could provide tangible proof of a home's sustainability credentials. The affordability of housing also forms a crucial part of the sustainability conversation. With rising house prices and construction costs, an increasing number of people are turning to renting. This shift presents its own challenges, but also opportunities for creating sustainable, affordable living spaces. Antony advocates for a community-based, grassroots approach to solving these issues, emphasising the potential of small-scale interventions and resource-sharing.

    The conversation with Antony DiMase offers a compelling glimpse into the future of sustainable housing. It emphasises the importance of good design and energy efficiency, and explores innovative solutions for reducing carbon emissions and creating affordable, eco-friendly homes. With architects like Antony leading the way, we can look forward to a future where every home is a sanctuary that complements our planet.

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