The Rental Application Process Needs to Change

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  • In episode #22, Ludwina Dautovic and Peter Shravemade, Managing Partner - Reach Australia, talk about how the rental application process needs to change.

    About Peter Shravemade

    Welcome to The Room Xchange Podcast. I’m Ludwina Dautovic and today I’m talking to Peter Schravemade. Peter is an international educator and speaker in the area of Property, Construction and Development Marketing. He’s on the board of Proptech Association of Australia (of which I’m a member). He’s also a managing partner of Reach Australia, a venture capital and private equity firm accelerating the top growth companies into the global real estate industry. (Links below)

    "The rental application process poses numerous challenges for tenants, from excessive financial scrutiny to lack of transparency in lease requirements." Peter Schravemade

    A message from our host and CEO - Ludwina Dautovic

    In episode #22, I had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with Peter Schravemade, a true industry expert in the property sector. Our conversation was eye-opening, uncovering the challenges and exciting prospects within the rental market, while also shedding light on the issues surrounding housing affordability and transparency.

    Peter's wealth of experience in the property industry truly shone through during our conversation. We dived deep into the intricacies of lease requirements, recognising the pressing need for greater transparency. It's crucial that tenants and landlords alike have access to clear information, ensuring fair and well-informed decisions for everyone involved.

    One aspect we explored was the rigorous financial scrutiny tenants face when going through the application process. While we understand the importance of financial assessments for property owners, we also emphasised the need to strike a balance. We want to avoid burdening potential tenants with excessive financial demands that hinder their chances of finding suitable accommodation.

    During our conversation, we also touched upon the challenges faced by international students as they navigate unfamiliar rental regulations. Language barriers and a limited understanding of local housing laws can create frustrating experiences and hinder access to affordable housing. It's crucial that we address these issues and provide support to ensure a smooth renting experience for all.

    "Data privacy and security are critical in the rental process, and tenants should have the right to request the deletion of their personal information from providers to safeguard their privacy." Peter Schravemade

    Data privacy and cybersecurity emerged as key concerns in our increasingly digital world. The extensive collection and use of personal data raise valid questions about privacy and the security of sensitive information. We stressed the importance of robust data protection measures and the right for individuals to request the deletion of their personal data from service providers. This gives individuals greater control and peace of mind over their information.

    As we strive to improve the rental process, it's vital that we create an inclusive environment where all stakeholders have a voice. Property managers and landlords play a pivotal role in shaping the rental market, and their input should be valued when developing policies. By fostering collaboration and considering diverse perspectives, we can lay the groundwork for a rental ecosystem that is inclusive, efficient, and fair to everyone involved.

    I wholeheartedly encourage you to listen to the full podcast interview for even deeper insights into these important topics. Together, let's drive positive change and work towards a rental market that is transparent, accessible, and fair for all parties involved.

    "The rental process needs significant changes to address the concerns faced by both tenants and self-manage landlords, ensuring a more streamlined and fair experience for all parties involved." Peter Schravemade

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