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Reinvent Yourself and Your Business with Jamie Turner

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  • Ludwina Dautovic, Founder and CEO of The Room Xchange, in conversation with Jamie Turner - Author, International Speaker and Management Consultant.
    Ludwina and Jamie talk about moving through Covid-19 and how you can reinvent yourself and your business.

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    In this episode we discuss:

    • 5.56 - How Jamie got started in business
    • 7.52 - Regular guest on CNN
    • 11.03 - Covid-19 is bringing people together
    • 13.34 - Less posturing on social media and be more authentic
    • 19.00 - It's an opportunity to re-invent yourself and your business.
      Don't be afraid of change.
    • 22.08 - Constantly be learning. Don't resist change. Jump into it.
    • 22.36 - Jamie's amazing quote about moving through discomfort
    • 24.58 - Impact on the events industry and where it's heading
    • 26.38 - Having multiple income streams will help you survive Covid-19
    • 28.21 - Jamies three tips on how to survive and come out the other side
    • 31.00 - I asked Jamie how he's changing the way he lives, works and plays

    About Jamie Turner

    Jamie Turner is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and management consultant who is a recipient of the Socialnomics “Top Keynote Speaker” award (along with Tony Robbins, Ariana Huffington, and Richard Branson). His client list includes The Coca-Cola Company, Microsoft, Verizon, SAP, T-Mobile, and Holiday Inn. Jamie has been published in Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, Business Insider or the Wall Street Journal. He’s also a regular guest on CNN and HLN where he contributes segments on marketing, persuasion, and leadership.He is an adjunct professor at both Emory University and the University of Texas and has been profiled in the world’s best-selling advertising textbook. Jamie is the co-author of several essential business books including How to Make Money with Social Media; Go Mobile; and Digital Marketing Growth Hacks. He is the founder of and has a new YouTube series called IN:60 which is available on YouTube and was designated as one of 8 “Top Business YouTube Channels” in the nation by He is also the co-founder of A School Bell Rings, a non-profit that improves access to education for impoverished children around the globe. If you’d like to find out more about having Jamie speak at your next event, click through to JamieTurner.Live.