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Make 2017 the year YOU change the way you live

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  • Have you got a spare room lying idle?

    Would you benefit from a couple of hours of help around the house each day?

    Are you looking for accommodation but are fearful of committing to overpriced rents?

    Do you want to start that new business, study a new course or experience new adventures however budgets are tight?

    We have been working tirelessly to provide you with the platform that can connect you, either Hosts, busy people with a spare room, or Guests, travellers/ independent youth/new starters, with the perfect opportunity to help you chase your dreams in 2017.

    Last year, our team at The Room Xchange worked solidly towards changing the way we live in our world today. Over the past decade it seems that although we’ve become more connected globally via social media platforms, we’ve become more insular. No longer do we need to leave the comfort of our living room when we can connect to someone in our street or across the globe from our mobile devices. Add to the fact that we’re time poor and working most of our waking hours to cover the high cost of living. But is that really living or are we more like rats in a wheel running round and round hoping to get somewhere soon?

    Or, we could consider our empty rooms as a resource; share it with someone who wants it. Negotiate household support in return for it and instantly, you’ve changed the way you and someone else lives. You’ve brought culture and diversity into your home and you truly get to connect with someone who will not only give you some of your precious time back but most likely enrich your life as well.

    In 2017 dreams become a reality, The Room Xchange will be accessible for all to use and it WILL change the way you live. Like so many great ideas, The Room Xchange concept was born out of a personal experience. Founder, Ludwina Dautovic had four Xchangers in her home over the past few years. After so many people kept commenting on how it’s such a great idea, she believed this could become a global phenomenon. In no time at all, it evolved into an innovative, game-changing business that is adding another pillar to the sharing economy.

    Are you ready for it?

    For your chance to make history and be one of the first people in the world to Xperience an Xchange, we are inviting Hosts and Guests to join the BETA Xchange program where we will be personally matching you with the ideal Xchange. Our team will help create the best match possible and assist with negotiating the type of help guests will be doing in Xchange for food and accommodation.

    So, who are Xchangers and do you fit the bill?

    Typically, Hosts might be:

    – A YOUNG FAMILY looking for extra help around the house to spend quality time with their kids rather than feel like they are running in circles.

    – BUSY PROFESSIONALS (singles or partners) who spend all their waking hours working and have little time or energy to do mundane, household tasks; or

    – EMPTY NESTERS whose children have left home and are looking to put some youthful energy back in their household. They like their family home and are not yet ready to downsize.

    Whereas, Guests are more likely to be:

    - TRAVELLERS from within Australia or overseas who wants to immerse themselves in a more localised experience.

    – INDEPENDENT YOUTH or STUDENTS who are ready to move out of home but don’t have the financial backing to do it on their own. An Xchange offers them a segway into full independence.

    – A NEW STARTER who is passionate about a project or may have an entrepreneurial idea they want to develop but the high cost of living is a barrier to that dream.

    Our profile-building feature is now live on the platform and the first matches are beginning, so sign up now to be one of the first Xchangers.

    We have lots of partners on board including Nourissh, Travello, Nature Direct, Australian Women’s Network and so many more providing all our community with lots of perks.

    If you are one of the lucky first 3 Xchanges there are some wonderful prize packs, so sign up now.

    Safety and Security is at our core

    The Room Xchange is an opportunity for people to connect and live the life they dream, therefore it is of utmost importance that all our users feel safe throughout the whole process. We have extensively searched different types of insurance policies to find one that protects both hosts and guests. This is something many of the other sharing economy platforms don’t provide, however was our number one priority.

    Police Checks

    With peace of mind of such importance to us, we will be asking all of our users to have a police check. To make this process simple, we have partnered with an Australian company, CV Check, which will enable you to quickly, easily and cheaply obtain a police check directly from our member’s area. This takes a few minutes to apply for. As long as there are no issues, within an hour you’ll have a link to your Police Check that can be used anywhere for the next 12 months. This is our commitment to making The Room Xchange as safe and secure as possible.

    Join us and change the way you live, share your life with others and be part of the first group of people in the world to Xperience an Xchange.

    Spread the word!