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‘Share’ – South Australia Collaborative Economy Challenge

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  • Collaborations with like-minded people and initiatives are an important part of The Room Xchanges’ DNA. We love to inspire, connect and help change the way people do things in their business and personal lives.

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    When the team at Share: South Australian Collaborative Economy Challenge, a new initiative from the Department of the Premier and Cabinet, reached out to The Room Xchange to see how we can collaborate and help spread the word on Collaborative Consumption, we jumped at the chance.

    Last month Ludwina Dautovic, our Founder and CEO, shared our story at the ‘Better Together Showcase’ event at the Adelaide Convention Centre, the primary focus being ‘Collaborating to Create Value’. Other companies sharing their stories were Airbnb, Go Get, Social Surplus  and The Rural Network. In the evening she inspired women at the Women in Innovation event at the University of South Australia. The theme was ‘Innovation Through Disruption: Exploring the Sharing Economy.’

    We wanted to tell you about the Share initiative in the hope that it will encourage and inspire people to bring their ideas into reality.

    What is SHARE?

    Share‘ invites people to submit an idea for a business or social initiative that uses sharing economy principles, or to nominate existing resources that could be leveraged, or social issues that could be addressed. The best ideas will be selected as finalists and further developed before a final pitch event is held to decide the challenge winner.

    Who can take part?

    Anyone with an idea of how they can create additional value from existing South-Australian based resources are invited to take part in ‘Share’. They want to hear from people with ideas for sharing economy enterprises, organisations or individuals who own or control idle assets, or anyone with an idea about how they can address a pressing social issue by employing existing, under-used resources.

    ‘Share’ is an opportunity to receive financial or in-kind support or recognition for a great idea. They want to help shape new ideas and turn them into viable initiatives. Over $100,000 is available to seed projects, making Share a great opportunity to progress sharing economy initiatives.

    Why is the South Australian Government driving this initiative?

    ‘Share’ addresses how the collaborative economy is changing the way we live and is a step toward preparing South Australia for the future economy. They want to create a state that recognises and rewards collaboration, in business and social enterprise and one that is looked to from across the world as a place to test and advance sharing economy initiatives. Due to its size and connectedness, they believe Adelaide is the perfect test bed for sharing economy initiatives that could be expanded across the globe.

    Important dates

    Share is an 8-month challenge process

    • March 2017: submissions open and project promotion

    • 13 June 2017: submissions close

    • July 2017: finalists announced

    • July-October 2017: incubation and mentorship period

    • October 2017: Pitch event and winners announced

    ‘Share’ is being heavily promoted through various types of events, workshops and information sessions. They have been co-hosting events, not only in SA but interstate, in partnership with various key stakeholders. To find out what they are doing head to the events page on the Share website.

    Todd Clappis speaking at The Room Xchange Launch Event

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    Todd Clappis

    We are lucky to have Todd Clappis, from the Department of the Premier and Cabinet speaking at The Room Xchange launch event on Tuesday 16th May on ‘Share’.

    We asked Todd to give us a quick sneak peak into what he would be covering in his presentation.

    “We will be presenting our ‘Share’ challenge, what it is, what we are looking for, the timelines and the process that we will follow to uncover the challenge winners. We will be encouraging entrepreneurs, small businesses, start-ups and the whole community to submit their ideas for the chance to win over $100K in prizes to help them shape and pursue their projects.

    The collaborative, or ‘sharing economy’, is changing the way we live and work. Along with the uncertainty and disruption that comes from this new way of doing things, there are also great opportunities, for people with great ideas and those who hold the assets that could be re-used in the marketplace.

    Technology has created the ability to match millions of ‘haves’ with millions of ‘wants’ around the world. This is allowing trust to be developed directly between people and changing the way we think about supply and demand.

    Through Share, the South Australian State Government wants to unlock potential or under-utilised assets and resources in South Australia, and encourage initiatives that use them to create economic or social value.

    At The Room Xchange Launch Event we will explore the future of work and the opportunities that are arising in the sharing economy for businesses and other groups as a result.”

    Do check out the application process and if you have an idea that can help improve the way we live and work then give it a go.

    If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to email

    The Room Xchange Team

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