Our Team

Operational Team

The following are the wonderful people who make The Room Xchange what it is.

Ludwina Dautovic

Founder and CEO

Ludwina is a successful and multi-award-winning entrepreneur with over 2 decades of start-up and digital media experience. As founder and CEO of The Room Xchange, Ludwina brings her years of expertise, including digital, new media, business, marketing and communications.

Aisha Hillary-Morgan

Business Strategy

With over 15 years experience in bringing brands to life, connecting audiences and creating communities, Aisha brings a whole lot of creativity, strategic know-how and some valuable techie knowledge. She loves looking at new creative ways to add value to the platform and our partnerships and is leading the way in our overall business strategy.

Honi Rosenwax

Media and Public Relations

Driving our PR efforts, Honi is a word genius and knows how to talk to the right people at the right time. To be successful we need to tell The Room Xchange story and Honi and her team are incredibly successful at doing that. Check out our Press kit page.

Stephanie Yu

Social Media and Marketing Assistant

Helping us build the brand by getting the word out, Stephanie leads our social media marketing and assists us with our marketing initiatives in general. She's also an all-round support with general VA roles and admin support.

Advisory Board

Chris Adams

Start-up and Partnership Advisor

Chris Adams’ career has included working with and for some of the best-known companies in the world, such as Facebook.com, Participant Media, Comcast Cable and Interactive, Glam.com, Amazon.com and Lycos.com. Most recently as a Board Director and advising for companies such as National Storage, Sensis/Found Digital, Seven West Media and Arrive Wealth Management. Chris' vast experience in the startup space along with introductions are invaluable to our partnership strategy.

David Stavropoulos

Corporate Law and Operations Advisor

David is a savvy corporate lawyer and has a great understanding of legal and operations. David is currently the CEO of Spondo and a former partner of Norton Rose Fulbright. David is involved in our day to day operations and works very closely with our CEO to advise on major business decisions. His impressive legal career combined with his personal experience operating startups make him an invaluable team member.