Pricing Policy

Our aim is to make it as affordable as we can for you to change the way you live. At the same time ensuring that we can provide you with a safe and secure platform, insurance and the customer care you need.

There is no cost to register and create your profile. You can browse and connect with other users for free. You only pay once you book your Xchange.

Here’s how it works

When you book a long-term Xchange, you will be charged $60 a month from the first day of your Xchange on a recurring monthly basis (this is consistent each month to make your planning and budgeting easier. No matter how many days are in the month). That’s it. When you end your Xchange, you simply contact us and we’ll cease your payment.

When you book a short-term Xchange, you will be charged a casual rate of $25 for a week or part thereof. In other words, if you Xchange for a weekend or a week it’s the same price. If you decide to extend your Xchange for another week you will need to log back into your profile, extend your Xchange for another week and so on.

If you begin your Xchange with the intention to trial living with a host or guest, then we recommend you Xchange for one week. If you decide to go ahead long-term, then log back into your profile, book the one month or longer Xchange and you’ll go onto the monthly recurring payment of $60 a month saving you $40 a month on the casual rate.

The fees are for the maintenance of the platform, Digital Verification Service, customer service support, our public liability insurance policy and all the other value adds you get for being part of The Room Xchange community.

Is there any money Xchanged between the hosts and the guests?

No. The Xchange between the hosts and guest is for food and accommodation in return for domestic services. However, if you decide that food will not be part of the Xchange, you can reduce the hours that the guest will provide and ask them to contribute to food costs instead. For example – we recommend 2 hours a day or 14 hours a week for food and accommodation. If the host is just providing accommodation, then we recommend 10 hours a week.

What do the fees cover? 

1) $5 million public liability insurance (click here to read our policy).

2) Customer Care support team.

3) Ongoing enhancement and refinement of the platform and service.

4) Ongoing running costs of the company.

Who pays the fees?

The hosts and the guests both pay the recurring fee to cover the costs of using the platform and the benefits that come along with it. However, we are currently waiving the fee for a select number of hosts for a limited time. If you would like to apply for the promotional code email: and in the subject line write: Promotional Code Application. Guests can also access a one-time discounted voucher for their first Xchange. If you would like to apply for the promotional code email: and in the subject line write: Promotional Code Application.

How is it paid?

Once you have confirmed an Xchange and both you and your host/guest have locked it in your calendar, you'll be sent to a payment gateway where you'll be charged the fee according to your Xchange preference (casual or ongoing discounted rate). If you select the long-term option, the charge will recur on the monthly anniversary of your start date until you end the Xchange.

What happens if I decide to cancel the payment?

If you select a long-term Xchange, Hosts and guests need to come to an agreement to cancel the Xchange. If you do, you need to contact immediately so we can stop your payments. It’s not an automatic process unless the Xchange ends on the date you selected. We are all about personal service. Short-term Xchanges are charged for a week at a time. No refund is provided if a short-term Xchange finishes in less than a week.

Xchanging off platform

If either the host or the guest suggests creating the Xchange off the platform and without paying the Xchange fees, please contact us immediately. Neither party will be covered by our insurance policy leaving you both at risk. You will not have our support should something go wrong. If this occurs, email: immediately. We want to ensure the safety and security of everyone in The Room Xchange community.

What if the Xchange ends?

When your Xchange ends, you simply cancel your monthly payment in your dashboard. When you begin another Xchange, you can begin your payments again. Easy.

For any questions don't hesitate to contact us.