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Stress Less with a Guest and Eat Healthy Meals

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  • Have you ever reached the end of your busy work day, exhausted and hungry? As if work wasn’t already tiring enough, you realise that you haven’t got anything at home for dinner! Now, you are tired, hungry AND have to stress about how to feed yourself and the hungry mouths waiting for you at home. (It’s also hard to make good decisions when you are hangry) So what do you do?

    Go out to eat? Take away? Whatever you can find in the cupboard and everyone can fend for themselves?

    What if you didn’t have to stress about what to eat after a long day at work? What if a freshly cooked nutritious meal was at home waiting for you? If that sounds heavenly to you, you might want to get yourself a guest.

    A guest can change your “what do I do for dinner?” to “welcome home, let’s eat!”.

    They can take away the stress of grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning and give you more time to relax after a long day at work. You get to eat better, rest better and spend more time on the things that matter to you, like spending time with your family.


    So what might you come home to? A dining table set up and the air filled with the beautiful aromas of:

    ·        Herbed roast lamb served with a variety of colourful roast vegetables,

    ·        Hearty minestrone soup,

    ·        Asian beef, vegetable and noodle stir fry,

    ·        Vegetable and lentil curry with basmati rice or

    ·        Chicken and vegetable pot pies

    Since you are not stressed about figuring out what to eat, you can now calmly approach the dining table, leaving the stress of work at the door. As you dig into your freshly made home cooked meal, you look forward to hearing about what happened in your children’s/partner’s/friend’s day as well as sharing about yours and having a good laugh. After enjoying the satisfying and nourishing meal, you can continue to wind down while the dishes are being taken care of by your guest.

    Featured guest article written by Perri Yiu from Yummy Balance.
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