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Spring is in the air – It’s time for a Spring Clean

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  • Spring is in the air and you feel it everywhere. 

    The sun on your cheeks, the flowers blooming, the sniffles from the pollen and the urge to Spring Clean your house just falls upon you. It’s a nice thought, but a heck of a lot of work.

    It can take weeks to get the massive amount of work done after the months of hibernation throughout winter. Let’s face it, no one really feels like de-cluttering or deep cleaning in winter. You’d rather be cosied up on your comfy binge-watching your favourite TV show while it’s pouring with rain outside.

    But as Springtime comes around, you find yourself wanting to get up, move around and start sorting out those cupboards, re-arrange the furniture, give your surfaces a good scrub and get some herbs and bright coloured flowers in the garden.

    Then there are the hidden areas that don’t get a look at too often such as the oven, fireplace, ceiling fans and cobwebs in the roof and outdoors.

    It’s a big job and a lot of work goes into doing it right and let’s not forget the bucket full of cleaning products you’ll need. I don’t know about you, but I’m not fond of the harsh chemical cleaning products that you usually find at the local supermarket. I recently came across a wonderful company called Nature Direct who produce natural cleaning products made from essential oils. We’re now fortunate to have them on board as a partner of The Room Xchange, so I asked them for a few tips to help with your Spring Clean.

    Cleaning Tips

    1. Ditch the toxic store bought products and use a healthy natural alternative to wipe down those window ledges. Spray with a sanitizer to stop those nasty mould spores from growing and spreading on your clean dry window sills and sashes. Let it air dry for extra protection.
    2. Bedrooms are havens for stuffy air and often you can’t open the windows…that air can be super chilly.Use a room purifier that is hypoallergenic to wash the air leaving a clean, fresh smell.
    3. Vacuum thoroughly; it certainly helps if you have a HEPA filter on your vacuum – they are powerful and effective filters recommended for use by asthma and allergy sufferers. Make sure you give the skirting boards a wipe down as they accumulate a lot of dust over the winter.
    4. Bathrooms and toilets are often in dire need of a good spring clean and freshen up after those long cold months. However, cleaning with toxic products in the bathroom can cause all kinds of health issues. Cleaning with a natural Super Strength formula with a good microfibre cloth will cut through the grime and soap scum with ease.Those old toothbrushes are useful for scrubbing around the edges of the shower and dirty tile grout.
    5. Use a pressure washer to spring clean the windows outside as they accumulate a lot of dirt and grime over the winter. Finish them off with a natural window cleaner leaving them with a nice shiny glow.

    If the idea of a spring clean doesn’t get you too excited (like most people) if you have a spare room sitting idol consider becoming a Host on The Room Xchange. We’ll help you find the ideal Guest who would love the opportunity to spring clean and declutter your house in Xchange for food and accommodation. That way you get your cleaning done, make use of your spare room and get to spend your spring evenings and weekends relaxing instead of cleaning.

    ***Nature Direct have a large range of essential oil-based, natural cleaning products you can use throughout your home. They’re good for you and good for the environment. You can purchase individual products, or do what I did and get the entire house pack. To see their full catalogue range go to their website – Nature Direct. Make sure you say hi from The Room Xchange.***

    PS – This is not a paid advertisement. The Room Xchange genuinely wants to help our Hosts and Guests live healthy and happy lives.

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